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Sharp introduced the LV Series AQUOS Quattron 3D LCD TVs, which use four-primary-color*1 3D LCDs, a world first*2. Developed based on Sharp's proprietary UV2A technology*3, this technology adds Y (yellow) to the three RGB (red, green, blue) primary colors.AQUOS Quattron gives vivid reproduction of colors such as brilliant yellow, brassy gold, and emerald green, colors difficult to achieve faithfully with conventional three-primary-color technology. In addition, increased light utilization efficiency provides a level of brightness approximately 1.8 times greater*4 than three-primary-color LCD panels, enabling users to enjoy breath-taking images. Further, proprietary Sharp technology gives life-like images with dramatically reduced crosstalk.

Four-primary color is a proprietary Sharp technology for reproducing colors on a display; it differs from the conventional three-primary-color concept of light and color.
As of April 12, 2010; for commercially available LCDs for 3D TV.
Acronym for Ultraviolet induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment. Photo-alignment technology that can precisely control the alignment of liquid crystal molecules using a manufacturing method based on UV light exposure.
Screen brightness when displaying 3D images compared to Sharp's previous technology (three-primary-color Advanced Super View LCD without FRED technology).