UD20 Series AQUOS 4K TV

Sharp released the UD20 series of 4K-compatible LCD TVs, which give consumers powerful, life-like images and allow viewing in original resolution of 4K trial broadcasts*1, an industry first*2, and 4K Internet streaming videos.
To watch 4K trial broadcasts (4K 60p), a TV needs to comply with the HDMI 2.0 standard (4K 60p) for digital image transmission, be compatible with the HDCP 2.2 copy protection standard, and have a tuner capable of receiving 4K trial broadcasts. In addition to satisfying both these standards, the UD20 can be combined with the AQUOS 4K recorder (released simultaneously), the first 4K recorder in the industry*2 capable of receiving 4K trial broadcasts and thus allowing home users enjoyment of these broadcasts. As well, the UD20 series is the industry’s first*2 TV to come with an HEVC decoder*3 compatible with Hikari TV 4K video on demand, a service presented since October 27, 2014 by NTT Plala Inc., enabling users to enjoy 4K broadcasts with just this TV.
Sharp’s 4K low-reflection panel reduces on-screen reflection of ambient light and provides rich, deep blacks, while Sharp’s Rich Color Technology expands the color gamut by 12% compared to a previous models*4, thus providing high-resolution, highly detailed 4K images in brilliant colors.
As for sound quality, the UD20 series comes with a newly developed sound bar, which is detached and independent of the display. With the left and right rounded dual mid-range speakers and tweeters placed facing frontwards, users get high output and balanced sound. At the rear of the display is a DuoBass low-vibration subwoofer, which increases the realistic audio experience of the 2.1-channel, three-way, eight-speaker system.

4K trial broadcasts were begun in June 2014 by the NexTV-F (Next Generation Television & Broadcasting Promotion Forum) on a dedicated, no-fee channel on 124/128° CS digital broadcasting in Japan. It is not a SKY PerfecTV Premium Service channel. To watch these broadcasts, users require a UD20 series TV, AQUOS 4K recorder (TU-UD1000), a SKY PerfecTV IC card, a SKY PerfecTV Premium Service-compatible antenna, and a viewing subscription (free of charge).
As of May 20, 2014; for a 4K recorder or 4K-compatible TV.
A decoder compatible with the HEVC (high-efficiency video decoding) compression standard for 4K video-on-demand transmissions from Hikari TV.
Compared to Sharp UD1 series 4K-compatible LCD TVs (released in 2013); Sharp data.