Cloud Storage Battery System

The JH-WB1401 and JH-WB1402*1 cloud battery storage systems combine with Sharp’s cloud HEMS*2 to realize efficient energy management by adapting to changes in the usage environment.
With this new energy solution from Sharp, the system predicts how much power will be generated based on the next day’s weather forecast and analyzes the user’s daily power usage situation, in the process automatically controlling battery charging and power supply in the most optimal way and reducing electricity bills.
The cloud storage battery comes in two types: one for installation indoors for cold regions*3, and another for outdoor installation. It is also much more compact than Sharp’s previous storage battery*4. And while Sharp’s previous product required two power conditioners—one for the solar power generation system and one for the storage battery system—the JH-WB1401 and JH-WB1402 require only one power conditioner, allowing for efficient charging.

These are the model names of the storage batteries only. To constitute a storage battery system, the JH-42EM2P power conditioner and JH-RWL6V multi-energy monitor are also required.
The JH-RTP4 and JH-RTP5 cloud HEMS (home energy management systems). The JH-RTP4 went on sale (in Japan) on July 4, 2014 at a suggested retail price (excluding tax) of 74,000 yen and the JH-RTP5 went on sale (in Japan) on July 4, 2014 at a suggested retail price (excluding tax) of 75,000 yen. Also required for the system are a broadband router, a broadband Internet connection, and membership in the Sharp iClub.
Operating temperature range: 0℃–40℃. The JH-WB1401 is for cold regions.
Compared to Sharp’s JH-WB1201.