Ceiling-Installed Plasmacluster Ion Generator

Sharp released the IG-GTA20 ceiling-installed*1 Plasmacluster Ion generator, which includes an LED light and deodorizes and eliminates*2 odor-causing bacteria adhering to the floor and other places in the bathroom.
The Plasmacluster Ion generator draws its power by attaching into a standard-sized E26 cap shape light socket. This means that deodorizing and eliminating odor-causing bacteria from the bathroom, one of the most worrisome rooms in the house for unpleasant odors, is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. It also means it fits inconspicuously into bathrooms that have no extra wall outlets or extra space for installing Plasmacluster Ion generators.
A motion sensor turns on and off the generator's LED light when someone enters and leaves the bathroom. When the bathroom is empty, the light is turned off and Plasmacluster Ions are generated in maximum mode. And when someone enters the bathroom, the light goes on again and the generator automatically returns to standard mode with a lighter airflow. So there's no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the bathroom light, and users get round-the-clock deodorizing for an electricity cost of approximately 1.8 yen*3 per day.

For screwing into E26 cap shape light socket on ceiling.
Elimination of bacteria: Effect after seven days in a test space of approximately 3.4 m³; not a proven result in actual usage space.
For two hours of standard mode operation (LED light on) and 22 hours of maximum mode operation (LED light off) per day. Calculation is a rough estimate based on a unit cost of 27 yen/kWh (including tax) under the latest electricity rates in Japan. There will be additional electricity costs for the bathroom ventilation fan if it operates in unison with the light switch.