Sharp released the AQUOS 4K Next 4K LCD TV, with a 4K LCD panel employing Sharp's proprietary 4-color*1 technology for combining red, green, blue, and yellow sub-pixels to enable 8K-equivalent resolution*2, as well as the world's first*3 8K upscaling circuit for rendering 8K images.
The AQUOS 4K Next delivers beauty down to the most minute details thanks to the 8K upscaling circuit embedded into the X8-Master Engine Pro. This works in unison with Sharp's Rich Color technology, consisting of an LED backlight system employing a new fluorescent material and a color restoration circuit, to achieve approximately 1.4 times the color reproduction range of previous Sharp TVs*4. The AQUOS 4K Next includes Megacontrast dynamic range expansion technology, which boosts the ability to express light and dark shades by simultaneously controlling the LCD openings and the brightness of each area of the backlight using a proprietary algorithm that detects and restores the brilliance of the light source and the shine reflecting off the light source of the image. Through Sharp's proprietary low-reflective N-Black Panel, and other high-image-quality technologies that enable superb detail, a rich color gamut, and high contrast, the AQUOS 4K Next literally puts television viewers inside the onscreen action.

Sharp's 4-color concept was designed for use with displays; it differs from the conventional three-primary-color concept of light and color.
Evaluation of the resolution of a brightness signal manipulated by Sharp using a 7,680 (H) x 4,320 (V) resolution chart. Not compatible with external device input of 8K resolution (video) or receiving of 8K broadcast.
As of May 21, 2015; for commercially available 4K LCD TVs with an 8K upscaling circuit.
Compared to Sharp's LC-40H20 HDTV (released in February 2015).