To the Future...

A revolutionary display
leading the way ahead,
using transparent
crystalline oxide

"IGZO" is a display made with artificially produced transparent crystalline oxide semiconductor that Sharp is the first in the world to successfully mass produce. Composed of indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, "IGZO" is a revolutionary technology that makes possible what no other display has been able to achieve. "IGZO" is set to open a whole new range of possibilities, dramatically transforming the way we live.

"IGZO" was jointly developed for mass production by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

"IGZO" technology has
received numerous awards
in Japan and abroad

Since "IGZO" became mass producible, it has been used in numerous devices, such as smartphones and tablets, with sensational results. The market has embraced this groundbreaking technology across a broad spectrum, and "IGZO" has received a variety of awards both in Japan and in the rest of the world.

Chunichi Industry and Technology Award (27th), Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
SID 2013 Display of the Year Gold Award
Nikkei Business Daily Awards for Excellence
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd. The Best 10 New Products 2012
CEATEC Award 2012 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
CEATEC JAPAN Electronic Components Innovation Awards 2012

Always stable performance
thanks to a unique crystal structure

"IGZO" is a crystal of elements that were considered difficult to crystalize: indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, and as such achieves a new atomic arrangement. This manufacturing secret makes for a unique crystalline structure that supports consistently stable performance. "IGZO" is therefore able to bring its unique capabilities, such as further enhanced picture resolution and compatibility with a growing number of display types, to the technology of tomorrow, for ever higher levels of efficiency, performance and reliability.

A crystalline structure only with "IGZO" from Sharp

New strides in crystal
technology with 20-50 times
greater electron
mobility rates

The electron mobility rate is a measure of how easily electrons can flow within a solid body. Compared with the electron mobility rate for the amorphous (non-crystalline) silicon semiconductors widely used in liquid crystal panels, the rate for "IGZO" is 20-50 times greater, allowing liquid crystal technology to further evolve.

Incredibly high resolution
in beautiful,
natural color, for an enhanced
sense of "being there"

High electron mobility rate of "IGZO" successfully enables unprecedented transistor miniaturization and circuit thinning. By raising light transmission amount of each pixel, twice the resolution is achieved for the same transmittance.

Successfully and substantially
reduces power required for
still image display

Major strength of "IGZO" is in its low power consumption. Previous screens had to overwrite still image data, but "IGZO" keeps it without overwriting even when the power is off. For this reason, "IGZO" reduces power consumption to a fifth or even a tenth that of conventional screens. In this way, "IGZO" also contributes greatly to longer battery life.

Touch panel operational
and ultra-sensitivity

"IGZO" is an intermittently operational type of semiconductor, meaning that any noise generation affecting the touch panel detector circuits is very brief, allowing for highly accurate detection of even the faintest signals. This makes possible the kind of ultra-sensitivity that can pick up even on lines as thin as the tip of a pen. Writing on an "IGZO" powered screen has the same feel as on paper, enabling very natural handwriting input.

The "IGZO" product mass-produced by Sharp is display using the CAAC or nano-crystal "IGZO" crystalline oxide semiconductor jointly produced by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. This component supports the feature of high reliability described above.

"IGZO" : display and high-sensitivity
sensor technology driving
new developments in various fields

"IGZO" is a technological revolution of a kind never seen before. And as a unique semiconductor, "IGZO" is the driving force behind new developments in a variety of fields\not only in liquid crystal, but new generation displays, too. These include smart widescreens that display information synced with actual human actions, and which are intuitively operable using methods that come naturally. Also, OLED displays that, being flexible, segue effortlessly into everyday lifestyle and public scenarios, while providing the highest resolution. Furthermore, "IGZO" is powering the speedy development of the MEMS shutter display. This revolutionary technology enables constant moving picture displays easily visible in almost any type of environment.

An image of how "IGZO" will change the future

High resolution mirror display Wearable OLED display Flexible OLED display Ultra-high luminance MEMS smartphone Wide temperature range MEMS tablet Supersensitive X-ray image sensor

"IGZO" promises technological advancement for more than just displays. "IGZO" also holds promise in medical scenarios; for example, in the high-sensitivity sensors that accurately convert x-rays into high-resolution images. Sharpfs further steady development of "IGZO" will be made in collaboration with players in numerous different fields, to bring about medical sensors and intuitively operated displays and the like that were to date unthinkable. All eyes are on the revolutionary technology that is "IGZO", as it paves the way for a future lifestyle that is ever new, ever more comfortable and ever richer.

"IGZO" powered products

In November 2012, a smartphone featuring the new-generation "IGZO" display was launched in Japan as a worldwide first. Achieving low power consumption with a high-resolution screen, the device was a hit and enjoyed phenomenal sales.
Since then, "IGZO" has appeared on a host of other devices, such as other smartphones, tablets, 4K Ultra HD Display, ultrabooks and more, making waves wherever it goes.

* Smartphones and tablets are currently available in Japan only.
** Ultra HD display is currently available in Japan, US, Europe only.