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Travelling 3 x 3 Video Wall Tours Outdoor Events


Super Detail of 4K Livens Up the Atmosphere and Communities

Customer Needs/Problems

Using its wealth of experience and technology in the manufacture and assembly of large structures made of iron, steel, and non-ferrous metals, Hyogo Bender Engineering Co., Ltd. contributes to a wide range of new projects, including those carried out by local and national governments to invigorate the local economy and society. One such project is the 4K Project, through which Hyogo Bender makes local events more exciting by providing large 4K screens that offer four times the resolution of conventional high-definition images. The company was seeking an image solution that would be easy to move from place to place and simple to set up, and that could be used outdoors to deliver beautiful 4K images to as many people as possible.

Why Sharp?

Sharp’s PN-V602 LCD monitor offers vivid images with high visibility whether indoors or outdoors, thanks to its high brightness of 1,500 cd/m2. Hyogo Bender was impressed with how the PN-V602’s ultra-slim bezel allows the creation of a nine-monitor (3 x 3 configuration) video wall for an almost seamless giant screen equivalent to 180 inches and with how this video wall provides dynamic, superbly detailed 4K images. Other deciding factors in the company’s decision were the PN-V602’s extreme durability, as proven by many past installations for other Sharp customers, and the reliability that customers can count on thanks to Sharp’s meticulous after-sales support system.

Hyogo Bender put together a 3 x 3 video wall that it installed on a special trailer equipped with an in-house-developed platform. This enables set-up in just one hour at both indoor and outdoor venues. At an outdoor skating rink in Nagoya Prefecture, the Sharp video wall livens up the atmosphere for visitors by providing real-time images of the skaters themselves, as well as content from local TV stations while showcasing the high quality of 4K images. In 2014, the company did a trial live broadcast, transmitting images of a soccer game over long distances. The Sharp video wall provided extremely detailed and realistic images of the soccer pitch, the grass, and advertising billboards, earning praise from those involved in the TV broadcast.

Looking Ahead

Besides the skating rink application, Hyogo Bender plans to take the easy-transport trailer, with its specially built platform for the 3 x 3 video wall, to numerous events—including local marathon races, school festivals, and academic conferences—as it continues to contribute to invigorating the local economy and society. The company hopes that the popularity of 4K images will spread and is training its young employees in how to run these new business ventures to ensure that the company has the human resources to support that expansion in the future.

Key Facts
Category Sports & Entertainment
Date August 2014
Hyogo, Japan
Installed model
PN-V602 x 9 units in 3 x 3 video wall
Video wall for public events