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108-Inch LCD Monitor

For 108 Inches of
Stunning High-Definition

LCD Panel of Unprecedented Dimensions

Measuring 108 inches diagonally, the LB-1085 is the world’s largest commercially available LCD panel*. Across every inch of its impressive screen space, this panel delivers high-quality images in beautiful high resolution. Even if the panel is installed in a wide open space, its large size provides a dynamic impact that brings images vibrantly to life.

  • * As of September 2011
*Monitor Screen Size
Previous, 52-inch Sharp model (used for 4-screen multi-panel displays)

Full High-Definition Clarity

The LB-1085 boasts 1,920 x 1,080-pixel full-high-definition resolution to ensure that none of the detail or visual impact is lost. Everything from fine text to intricate graphics is stunningly crisp and clear.

(1,366 (W) x 768 (H) pixels)
Full High-Definition

Advanced Super View Low-Reflection Black TFT LCD

Employing Sharp’s Advanced Super View low-reflection black TFT LCD, the LB-1085 delivers superb image quality unhindered by sunlight or bright ambient light. Furthermore, the panel’s 176-degree viewing angle allows on-screen images to be seen clearly from virtually any angle, ensuring your message is conveyed effectively to passersby.

Conventional LCD
Advanced Super View low-reflection black TFT LCD

24/7 Operation

Designed for around-the-clock use and rugged operating conditions, the LB-1085 is a reliable and commanding presence in 24-hour stores, surveillance rooms, and other demanding professional applications. Even after long hours of continuous operation*, these monitors deliver a sharp, clear picture.

  • * Image persistence may occur when the same static image is continuously displayed for extended periods of time. Image persistence can be gradually removed by displaying a video or moving graphics.

Versatile Interface

The LB-1085 comes fitted with PC and AV terminals that enable connection of a wide range of equipment, including HDTV recorders, Blu-ray Disc players, and HDMI-compatible personal computers. RS-232C control capability enables users to switch the power on and off and remotely select the input channel via PC.

Versatile Interface
The terminals have been carefully laid out for stress-free cable layout.

Fanless Architecture

Fanless architecture maintains airflow and dissipates heat without the use of mechanical air-ventilation fans, which can attract dust and create noise. This fanless design also facilitates monitor maintenance.

Active Contrast

Thanks to the Active Contrast function, images displayed on the LB-1085 are analysed to provide optimal brightness and contrast levels for each scene. Dark scenes are rendered in true-to-life gradations for dynamic visual expression.

Without Active Contrast
With Active Contrast

Quick Shoot Smooth Action

The LB-1085's Quick Shoot function shortens response time to give fast-action video scenes smoother, more lifelike motion.

Screen Mode Selection

Through its AV Mode function, the LB-1085 offers a choice of screen modes—standard, dynamic, movie, and game—to complement videos from various sources.

Brightness Sensor

The Brightness Sensor function ensures clear visibility by automatically adjusting backlight brightness to complement surrounding brightness levels. In dark surroundings, backlight brightness automatically lowers, providing optimal viewing and energy savings as well.

In dark surroundings
In bright surroundings

Up to 758 Million Colours on Display

The LB-1085 offers an expanded colour palette of approximately 758 million colours—around 45 times the 16.77 million colours supported by conventional models. This enables the panel to reproduce natural-looking images with extremely detailed and smooth gradations of colour.

Colours on conventional display
(approx. 16.77 million colours)
LB-1085 (approx. 758 million colours)

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