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Engage Your Audience
with a Brilliant Signage

Mirror Frames (PN-ZR32/PN-ZR33)

In multi-screen configurations, Mirror Frames minimise* the lines between slim-bezel PN-V602A monitors by reflecting mirror images from the display content. This creates more dynamic video walls and an even smoother big-picture effect.

  • * Visibility of the seams between monitors will vary depending on such factors as the on-screen images and the viewing angle.
Mirror Frame mounting
 Mirror Frame mounting
A multi-monitor configuration with Mirror Frames (Simulated images)
A multi-monitor configuration with Mirror Frames
Control Kit (PN-ZR01)

When one of the PN-V602A monitors in a video wall configuration is fitted with a remote control sensor box, all of the monitors can be conveniently operated through a single remote control unit.

  • * Required for a video wall installation.
Remote control unit
Remote control sensor box
Interface Expansion Board (PN-ZB02)

The expansion board adds DVI-D input/output, component video input, RJ-45 LAN display control, and more. It also allows you to operate the display via a Web browser and monitor-control software*. In addition, regular display status updates can be sent to a specified E-mail address, and operating parameters can be monitored over a LAN using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

  • * Separate hardware and software are required for each individual system build.

PN-Z802 Interface Expansion Board

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