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Site Policy

This Web site is operated by Sharp Corporation (Sharp). This page sets forth information that users should be aware of before using the Web site as well as information that may be of use to users.

• Limitations on Use of the Web Site

  1. The information appearing on the Web site is protected under the copyright laws of various countries, as well as by treaties and other laws. Use (including reproduction, modification, uploading, displaying on a bulletin board, transmission, distribution, licensing, sale, and publication) of information appearing on the Web site for other than personal use or other uses explicitly allowed by law is prohibited without the prior written consent of Sharp.
  2. The Web site contains information concerning Sharp’s products. It should be noted, however, that some products may not be available in certain countries and that the trademarks, effectiveness, performance, etc., of products may differ depending on the country.
  3. Software available for downloading from the Web site is the copyrighted work of the entities owning the rights to said software. Use of such software is subject to the terms of the license agreement stipulated by the right holder as well as copyright law and other applicable treaties and laws.

• Applicable Law and Court

  1. Unless specifically provided for otherwise, the interpretation and application of the terms of use covering the use and operation of the Web site shall be determined under Japanese law.
  2. Unless specifically provided for otherwise, the court of first hearing for any disputes concerning the Web site shall be the Osaka District Court, Osaka, Japan.
  3. All data and information appearing on the Web site is in accordance with Japanese law. If any claims regarding product effectiveness are not permitted under the laws of your country, please disregard them.

• Disclaimers

  1. Sharp makes no guarantee as to the accuracy, usefulness, or reliability of the content and other information (referred to collectively below as “content, etc.”) appearing on the Web site. Sharp disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from the use of the Web site’s content, etc. In addition, Sharp disclaims all responsibility for the content of other Web sites linked to from the Sharp Web site.
  2. Sharp makes no guarantee that accessing the Web site is free of danger due to errors, contamination by computer viruses, etc. Sharp disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage that may result for whatever reason from accessing the Web site, being unable to access the Web site, or believing the content of the Web site.
  3. The terms of use and content, etc., of the Web site are subject to change or termination without notice. In addition, the operation of the Web site may be interrupted or terminated without notice. Sharp disclaims all responsibility for any loss or damage that may result for whatever reason from changes to the information appearing on the Web site or the interruption or termination of the operation of the Web site.

• Copyright

  1. The content, etc., of the Web site is protected by copyright held by Sharp Corporation and third parties. Users of the Web site may only reproduce this content by downloading, etc., limited to personal or home use, and activities pursuant to those. Adaptation, public transmission, etc., of the content, etc., of the Web site, for any purpose and in any form, is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holder.
  2. Sharp does not grant to the user copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights or any other rights held by Sharp or third parties to content appearing on the Web site.
  3. Dolby® is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories
  4. All other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

• Links to the Web Site

  1. Before linking to the Web site, please contact Sharp with information such as the party operating the site linking to the Web site, the purpose of the link, and the URL of the page containing the link to the Web site. As a general rule, links should refer to the top page of the Web site. Sharp may refuse requests to link to the Web site in some cases.
  2. Please contact Sharp if major changes are made to the page containing a link to the Web site. Also note that under some circumstances Sharp may request the deletion of links to the Web site for which permission has previously been granted.

• Provision of Personal Information, Product Ideas, Etc.

  1. When the Web site requests the user to provide personal information, the uses to which that information is to be put will always be clearly stated, and any information provided will not be used for any other purpose. In addition, personal information provided by customers will never be supplied to third parties without permission. Note, however, that this does not apply in the following cases:
    • If the customer has agreed to the disclosure of personal information.
    • If disclosure of personal information is required by law or in response to a request by government authorities.
    • Customers’ personal information may be disclosed to companies contracted by Sharp to perform necessary functions related to the operation of the Web site. In such cases the personal information disclosed will be limited to the minimum necessary and the companies to which the information is disclosed will be bound by contract or other agreement to manage the information properly.

  2. Sharp does not accept suggestions, ideas, etc., from customers. The reason for this policy is that there is always the possibility that a product idea offered by a customer may happen to be quite similar to a product idea developed independently by Sharp, and this could lead to misunderstandings and disputes. Your understanding is appreciated. Please note that any product ideas submitted by customers in spite of the above policy will be understood to have been provided in agreement with the following conditions:
    • Sharp assumes no obligation to keep submissions confidential.
    • Sharp assumes no obligation to study, evaluate, or utilize submissions.
    • Even if Sharp should utilize a submission, in whole or in part, or make use of a customer suggestion or one very similar to it, Sharp assumes no responsibility toward the submitting party, including any obligation to pay compensation.

• Web Site Specifications

  1. Cookies
    Cookies are data files that Web sites send to your computer. These data files can then be read from your computer by the Web site when you revisit it at a later time. Some pages on the Sharp Web site incorporate cookies in order to relieve users of the need to again input the same information every time they visit or to collect data on the history of user visits to the page. Cookies are not used on the Web site to collect private information about users. If you wish, you can instruct your browser to refuse cookies. Please note, however, that you may not be able to use some of the services on the Web site if cookies are disabled.
  2. Compatible Web Browsers
    The following Web browsers are recommended in order to view and utilize the Web site conveniently and effectively.

    [Microsoft Windows]

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01/5.5/6.0
    • Netscape Navigator 4.78/6.23


    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1/5.2
    • Netscape Navigator 4.7/6.2

    Depending on your system configuration, some of the services provided by the Web site may be inaccessible.

  3. Flash
    Parts of the Web site make use of Flash technology. The Macromedia Flash Player 6 (or above) plug-in is required to view Flash content. If you do not have the plug-in installed on your system, please download it from the Macromedia Web site and install it.
  4. JavaScript and Stylesheets
    The Web site makes use of JavaScript and stylesheets. In order to view the site, please make sure JavaScript is enabled in your Web browser.