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After years of close attention to what teachers as well as students want, Sharp created ideal educational calculators !
How does the EL-9650, EL-9600c/EL-9600 reduce class preparation time?
How has Sharp reduced the number of steps required for operations?
What features help minimize class time lost to calculator operations?

Unique Features

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EL-9600/9650 EL-9400
EL-9650, EL-9600c/EL-9600 EL-9400

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EL-9600 Teacher's Guide EL-9400 Teacher's Guide El-9650/9400 Handbook Vol.1 EL-9650/9400 Handbook Vol. 2

The solutions are close at hand
Reduce class preparation time by using the EL-9650, EL-9600c/EL-9600's Built-in Slide Shows for classroom presentations.
Slide Show

More than a calculator...the EL-9650, EL-9600c/EL-9600 are educational tools with visual learning features.
Pen-Touch Screen
Equation Editor

Simplified functions let class be used for learning concepts, not calculator operations.
Rapid Graph
Rapid Window
Rapid Zoom

Improved and simplified features. The EL-9650, EL-9600c/EL-9600 help teachers. maximize class time and gives students a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.