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Image Sensor Cameras   FA Display Systems

Catering to the request of high quality and productivity, "Image processing" has recently been used in various fields. In semiconductor related industries, this method is mainly used for inspection of direction and imprinting by the laser marker. The application of the method is expanding into much wider areas.

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With the development of liquid crystal technology, the system has come to be broadly used as the core of factory "Man-Machine Interface". There are two types. One is touch panel type and the other is pen tablet type.

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Programmable Controllers   RFID Systems

The device is broadly used as the brain of "machine control" in factories, where safety and instability are highly required. Our product lineup is compatible with control systems of every scale.

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The system is used as the core of factory traceability systems using "RF tags", which can connect things and information (identification data, manufacturing data, quality data, and so on), for quality control and production management. The application of the system is expanding into much wider areas. There are two types of the RF tag. One has power source and the other does not. You can choose from the types according to your purpose.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices    

The new eco-friendly semiconductor
cleaning device has a "High Concentration
Ozonated Water Generator" and dose the
photoresist stripping and oxide film cleaning
with "High Concentration Ozonated Water".
It makes it possible to manufacture
semiconductors without or with only a small
amount of sulfuric acid or other chemical
agents, which are used a lot in
semiconductor production, by replacing
them with "Ozonated Water".

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High Concentration Ozonated Water Generator
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