Longed-for ladder software of Windows version
It enhances PLC design efficiency in a wide range of operations from software development to debug at site. You do not have to use any special difficult procedures.

* To connect a personal computer to a PLC, you need a PLC connection cable and communication adapter (JW-100UA).

A variety of programming functions using the graphical interface on the Windows

Improves the operability for programming.
It is easy to make entries by using the ladder edit tool bar and mouse. Just select a desired application instruction from a list and you can input it without inputting its instruction number. The library function has been also enhanced. You can create similar circuits easily.

Setting screen provided by making full use of Windows abilities
Equipped with various edit functions such as copy & paste or zoom function of ladder chart by mouse operation. Its help function reduces the necessity of reference to the instruction manual, improving the operability at site.

Property method and multi-window display; you can make settings without concern for addresses.
Just select an item from the table and then, data of system memory can be easily set. In addition, by using its multi-window display function, you can switch between the window for edit and window for confirmation very quickly. As another features, you can confirm many items such as a list of use of contacts and arbitrary multipoint monitor simultaneously with programs.

Various kinds of print functions
You can create charts appropriate to your customers with an editor for document creation.

By the design provided with high compatibility, you can leverage your existing system investments

Applicable programmable controller
* JW50H/70H/100H (JW-50CUH/70CUH/100CUH)
* JW30H (JW-31CUH1/32CUH1/33CUH1/33CUH2/33CUH3)
* JW20H (JW-21CU/22CU)
* JW10
* J-board
* VME built-in controller JW-32CV series
* W16/W51, W100, W70H/100H


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