Possible to connect a PG connection cable to your PC's USB port with this adapter only

No need of using a RS232C/USB converter cable sold on the market makes the wiring for your system simpler


USB side Rated Voltage DC5V (bus-powered)
Consumption Current 40mA maximum
Bus system USB1.1
PLC side Consumption Current (5V) 30mA maximum
Baud Rate of RS422 230.4kbs maximum
Storage Ambient Temperature -20 to +70 °C
Ambient Temperature 0 to +55 °C
Ambient Humidity No condensing
Atmosphere No corrosive gas or conductive dust
Vibration Resistance Compliant with JIS B 3502 (X,Y,Z 3 directions for two hours each)
Amplitude: 0.075mm (10 to 55Hz)
Acceleration: 9.8m/s2 (55 to 150Hz)
Shock Resistance Compliant with JIS B 3502 (147m/s2)
Length 0.2m
Weight About 60g
USB Driver Virtual Communication Port Driver (Bundled with the product)
Applicable OS Windows98/Me/2000/XP/XP (64Edition)/Vista (32bit)/Vista (64bit)/7 (32bit)/7 (64bit)
Application JW-300SP/100SP
Accessories One CD-ROM and a copy of User's manual

Note: As for connection to a USB port of your PC, do not use a HUB but connect this adapter directly to it. If you use a HUB, the adapter may not work normally.

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