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Max. number of I/O points: 4096

PLC that pursues more speed and lower cost ranging from design to maintenance

A lineup of basic modules

Model name Processing speed Program capacity No. of I/O points No. of relay points No. of timer/ counter points File register Memory card slot
JW-311CUS 33ns/basic instruction 8k words 512 points 30,720 points 1,024 points - 1 slot for JW-3*2CUS
JW-321CUS 16K words 1,024 points 53,248 points 2,048 points 32KB
JW-331CUS 32K words 4,096 points 180,224 points 8,192 points 128KB
JW-341CUS 64K words 512KB
JW-352CUS 128K words 2MB 1 slot
JW-362CUS 256K words 8MB

HOMEProductsPLCJW300 series
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