FL-net (FA LINK Protocol Network) module that has been rapidly spread as a next generation control system network.
It connects not only different types of equipment such as NC machines and industry robots, but also PLCs made by different manufactures through one network smoothly.

It adopts the master-less token method, assuring the real time capability. Al it can be easily assembled in your network by automatic subscribing and unsubscribing of nodes.
Cyclic transmission and message transmission are possible. An interlock, production instructions transmission, and production track record acquisition between equipment are possible via a same line.
By using our own SEND/RECEIVE instructions, data exchange between our PLCs is possible. Maintenance with the remote program monitor function is also easy.
Wiring parts such as wiring cables and hubs are common to those of Ethernet.

JW-52FL   Z-336J2
EOL (November 2016)

FL-net unit

PLC FL-net unit 10BASE5 10BASE-T
JW50H/70H/100H JW-52FL
J-board Z-336J2
EOL (November 2016)

System configuration

General specifications
JW-52FL Z-336J2
EOL (November 2016)
Applicable PLC
JW50H/70H/100H series
J-board: Z-300/500 series
No. of PLC main unit-mountable modules 6 modules, max. (option slots) 2 modules, max.
Storage temperature -20 to +70 degrees
Ambient temperature 0 to +55 degrees
Ambient humidity 35 to 90 %RH (non-condensing)
Vibration resistance Conformable to JIS C0911. Duplex amplitude: 0.15 mm (10 to 58 Hz), 9.8 m/s2 (58 to 150 Hz) (2 hours in each of X, Y, and Z axes)
Shock resistance Conformable to JIS C0912. 98 m/s2 (3 times in each of X, Y, and Z axes)
External power supply capacity 12 VDC +/- 5 %, 0.5 A (required only for 10BASE5)
Internal current consumption
(5 VDC)
400 mA, max.
380 mA, max.
Outside dimensions (mm)
33.5 x 250 x 105
110 x 180 x 21.6
Approx. 380 g
Approx. 180 g

Communication specifications

JW-52FL Z-336J2
EOL (November 2016)
Connection to network
Transmission speed 10 Mbps
Physical topology Bus (10BASE5), star (10BASE-T)
Transmission media 50 ohm yellow cable (10BASE5), twisted pair cable (10BASE-T)
Transmission system Base band
Max. transmission distance Without repeater 500 m/segment (10BASE5), 100 m/segment (10BASE-T)
With repeater 2.5 km/network *1 (10BASE5)
500 m/network *2 (10BASE-T)
Station spacing
An integral multiple of 2.5 m (10BASE5)
Max. number of stations
100 modules/segment (10BASE5), 254 stations, max.
Protocol configuration
Application FA link protocol
Transport UDP
Network IP
Data link Ethernet V2
Communications capabilities
Cyclic transmission (n:n, 8 Kbits + 8 K words)
Message transmission (1:1, 1:n, max. data length of 1 frame: 1 Kbyte)
SEND/RECEIVE function (our own function)
Remote monitor/programming function between our PLCs (our own function)
*1 Max. transmission distance between stations when two or more segments are connected with a repeater.
*2 Max. transmission distance between stations when two or more 10BASE-T segments are connected with a hub.

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