You just install this module into a module of JW20H/30H/300 or JW50H/70H/100H series. Now you can make data exchange with a host computer in the Ethernet or LAN.

Supports protocols of TCP/IP and UDP/IP.
Provided with same types of instructions as our PLC computer link function. You can gain access to PLCs from the host computer.
Enables 2-layer data communications from the host computer in the Ethernet with PLCs in a satellite net.
Supports an interface of 10BASE5/T. (JW-51CM)
Contains independent 8 ports each of which can create connection.
Enables communications between PLCs by its SEND/RECEIVE instructions.
Offers a subnet mask routing function. Compatible with large scale networks using routers.
* The Ethernet is a XEROX's trademark.

System configuration

General specifications

Applicable PLC JW50H/70H/100H series
No. of PLC main unit-mountable modules 6 modules, max.
(option slots)
Storage temperature - 20 to +70 degrees
Ambient temperature 0 to +55 degrees
Ambient humidity 35 to 90%RH (non-condensing)
Vibration resistance Conformable to JIS C0911. Duplex amplitude: 0.15 mm (10 to 58 Hz), 9.8 m/s2 (58 to 150 Hz) (2 hours in each of X, Y, and Z axes)
Shock resistance Conformable to JIS C0912. 98 m/s2 (3 times in each of X, Y, and Z axes)
External power supply capacity 12 VDC +/- 5 %, 0.5 A (required only for 10BASE5)
Internal current consumption
(5 VDC)
400 mA, max.
Outer dimensions (mm) 33.5 x 250 x 105
Weight Approx. 380 g

Communication specifications

Connection to network 10BASE5/10BASE-T
Transmission speed 10Mbps
Physical topology Bus (10BASE5), star (10BASE-T)
Transmission media 50 ohm yellow cable (10BASE5), twisted pair cable (10BASE-T)
Transmission system Base band
Max. transmission distance Without repeater 500 m/segment (10BASE5), 100 m/segment (10BASE-T)
With repeater 2.5 km/network *1 (10BASE5)
500 m/network *2 (10BASE-T)
Station spacing
An integral multiple of 2.5 m (10BASE5)
Max. number of stations
100 modules/segment (10BASE5)
Protocol configuration
Application Sharp's computer link, our own command
Transport TCP/UDP
Network IP (ARP)
Data link Ethernet V2
No. of connections 8
Communication function Computer link function
*1 Max. transmission distance between stations when two or more segments are connected with a repeater.
*2 Max. transmission distance between stations when two or more 10BASE-T segments are connected with a hub.

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