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* Maintenance service term
We provide our customers with seven-year maintenance service effective after product's production stoppage. However, technological innovations, such as the development of functional components (including semiconductors etc.) occur so swiftly that production stoppage is inevitable for accessory makers.

We take great effort in reserving components for replacement in order to provide our customers with the best maintenance service possible. However, please be aware that we occasionally face difficulty in carrying out maintenance, even while your service term is still in effect.

We would also be happy to extend our maintenance service program for our customers beyond the 7 year service period after product's production stoppage, provided the appropriate components are available.

* PLC replacement
The following are examples. Several options are available depending on how conventional PLC are set up (system configuration, required space etc). For more details, please consult with our customer support center near you.

Former series

Former series
(Discontinued models)
Discontinued month/yr Repair Recommended series for replacement Replacement backup
<You need to purchase the following items.>
ZD series
100/200/500 series)
March 1989 N/A JW30H series
JW50H/70H series
ZV series
(V12/V13 series)
September 1993 ---
JB1 series from March 1995
W10 series March 1995 ---
W16 series September 1993 JW30H series ZW-160BK (MTO), base kit for W16 -> JW30H/20H
W51 series from January 1984 JW50H series Port converter unit for ZW -> JW
W100 series from July 1991 JW70H/100H series
W70H/100H series from March 1995
BRAIN 100 series from May 1986 --- ---
Tool/PD etc. from November 1983
JW20 series from April 1996 JW30S/300S series
JW50/70/100 series from March 1992 JW50H/70H/100H series
ME-NET modem module March 2012 OK ---
JW10 series March 2015
JW20H series from March 2012 JW30S/300S series
VME built-in controller
JW-32CV series
from June 2013 ---
(Z-300/500 series)
from March 2006 N/A
(For some of them, N/A)

* If customers of the primary (special) series, such as ZD series, ZV series, JB1 series, cannot use the existing support tools and wish to back up software and print out ladder figures,
we also have service for taking care of memory back up and ladder figure print out. (It will cost you service fee.)
For more details, please consult with our customer support center near you.

Existing series

Existing series
(Discontinued models)
Discontinued month/yr Repair Recommended series for replacement
JW300/30H series
from June 1997 N/A
(For some of them, N/A)
JW50H/70H/100H series from October 2006
Ethernet from January 2008 JW-300CM
DeviceNet October 2003 ---
I/O link slave module
from April 2004

List of recommended series for replacing former series (discontinued models) (PDF)

Name Creation month/yr size
List of recommended series for replacement of former series (discontinued models)
November 2016 205KB

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