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High Concentration Ozonated Water Generator


20 July 2012
Removes Photoresist and Organic Contamination without using any chemicals.

SHARP provides innovative solutions for the cleaning process in the production of LSI, MEMS, LED and FDP with Ozonated Water Generator.
In the field of device production of such as semiconductor, SPM (mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide) has been mainly used for removing organic contaminants including photoresist.
However, recently there have been a keen requirement of cleaning with little
environmental load for global environmental protection.
SHARP has developed an innovative cleaning system that employs high temperature and high concentration ozonated water generator; Concentration: 150mg/L at 70℃ (standard guaranteed)
The ozonated water generated shows dark ozone blue reflecting its high concentration.

  • E-mail: info-sms-en@sharp.co.jp

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