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RFID Systems (Active type: 2.45GHz)


This is an ID system by RF tag with integrated power source such as batteries. The tag has large capacity of 8 kb*1 memory and the communication area is up to 4 meters.*2 Not only identification data but processing and quality data can be written on and retrieved from the tag. This system can show its high performance not just in complicated production lines but also in managing high-speed moving objects like railway trains or automobiles.

*1  7kb is available for users.
*2  The maximum range in a condition where there are no obstacles nor things using the same wave length. The range may vary in a different condition.

How about using the system in these cases?

Automobile production lines or other FA scenes

Management of containers by air, sea or railway

Identification of running train cars and management of bringing in/out train cars

You can build the best system for your purpose and environment by choosing from the options.

Active type
Item Model
Tag*3 DS-8PK
Antenna DS-20AK
ID controller Independent type DS-30D
PLC-mount type JW-22DU
EOL (November 2016)
EOL (November 2016)
Extension cable 5m DS-5CK
10m DS-10CK
20m DS-20CK
30m DS-30CK

*3  With regard to the tag of Active type, it is referred to as "ID tag" in User's manual and the rating plates of each unit but is described as "tag" in our web site.

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