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RFID Systems (Passive type: 2.45GHz)


This is an ID system by RF tag without any integrated power source such as batteries. The tag memory has relatively small capacity of 128/256 byte but by connecting to a higher-level system, you can build various types of identification system. Because the tag is small, low-cost and maintenance free, you will have a much broader range of applications.

How about using the system in these cases?

- Process control at production lines
- Product check that is difficult with eyes
- To prevent mistakes in loading/unloading containers or to make the work efficiently

- Management of bringing in/out rental goods

- Installation of a traceability system
- Management of goods which cannot comply with bar code system
- Management of or antitheft measures for goods at shipment, in storage or for sale

You can build the best system for your purpose and environment by choosing from the options.

Passive type
Item Model
Tag Refractory long distance communication tag DS-1TG
Long range tag RZ-1TG4
Tag for metallic objects RZ-2TG1A
Reader/Writer with an integrated antenna DS-5RW
ID controller Independent type DS-32D
PLC-mount type JW-23DU
Extension cable 5m DS-5CK
10m DS-10CK
20m DS-20CK
30m DS-30CK

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