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You can choose among these lenses for your inspections and purposes

Main specifications of the lenses

Megapixel lens
IV-1B2008 IV-1B2012 IV-1B2016 IV-1B2025
Compatible camera IV-S210C1*2 /S210C2, IV-S200C6/S200C7*3
Focal length (mm) 8 12 16 25
Aperture value range 1.4 - Close 1.4 - 16
Focusing distance range (m) 0.12 - infinity 0.15 - infinity 0.2 - infinity
Filter size (mm) M27.0 x P0.5 M25.5 x P0.5 M27.0 x P0.5
Dimensions (mm)*1 Diameter 34 x 41.6 Diameter 34 x 37 Diameter 33 x 36.5 Diameter 33 x 39.5
Weight Approx. 90g Approx. 75g Approx. 81g Approx. 89g
Mount system C mount

Megapixel lens Lens
IV-1B2035 IV-1B2050 IV-S20L16
Compatible camera IV-S210C1*2 /S210C2,
Focal length (mm) 35 50 16
Aperture value range 2.0 - 16 2.8 - 22 1.6 - Close
Focusing distance range (m) 0.2 - infinity 0.05 - infinity
Filter size (mm) M27.0 x P0.5 M25.5 x P0.75
Dimensions (mm)*1 Diameter 34 x 36.5 Diameter 34 x 55 Diameter 29 x 28.5
Weight Approx. 69g Approx. 92g Approx. 28g
Mount system C mount

*1 C mount and protruding part are excluded
*2 When Megapixel lens IV-1B2008/1B2012 is used with IV-S210C1, light intensity in the peripheral view may reduce. If you need enough light intensity there, use a commercially available 1 Inch Format lens.
*3 IV-2008 cannot be used with IV-S200C7.

External dimensions (unit: mm)

Main specifications of the lenses

Model CCTV lens
Compatible lens IV-S30C1/S30C3, IV-S200C6
Focal length (mm) 6 8
Aperture value range 1.4 - close 1.3 - close
Focusing distance range (m) 0.2 - infinity
Filter size (mm) M27 x P0.5 M25.5 x P0.5
Dimensions (mm)*1 Diameter 30 x 30 Diameter 30 x 34.5
Weight Approx. 58g Approx. 60g
Mount system C mount

Model CCTV lens Extension Tube*2
Compatible lens IV-S30C1/S30C3
7 Extension Tubes Set
Focal length (mm) 50
Aperture value range 1.8 - close
Focusing distance range (m) 1 - infinity
Filter size (mm) M30.5 x P0.5
Dimensions (mm)*1 Diameter 32 x 37
Weight Approx. 55g
Mount system C mount

*1  C mount and protruding part are excluded
*2 Please consult our dealer for the Extension Tube for Megapixd lenses.

* The products listed above are all made by Moritex Corporation. For inquiries or other information on products and maintenance, please contact Moritex Corporation.

Moritex Corporation (International Business Dept.)
3-1-14, Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3401-9717
Fax: +81-3-3401-8063
URL http://www.moritex.co.jp/home/english/

Please note that the above listed addresses and telephone numbers may change.

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