The state-of-the-art Super Green Factory which created the term "Kameyama model"

The Kameyama Plant (Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture) is a base for LCD production which Sharp is extremely proud of. The term "Kameyama model" arose in reference to the superior workmanship of products from this plant. The wall of the plant is equipped with see-through photovoltaic modules, designed to look live AQUOS, one of Sharp’s leading energy saving products.

This photovoltaic system can generate 5,210 kW (enough to power approximately 1,300 typical households for a year), and thus can eliminate approximately 3,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. This corresponds to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed in one year by a forest covering approximately 960 hectares, or about 30 times the area of the plant site. At the Kameyama Plant, Sharp brings together all the environmental technologies we have accumulated to date, with the aim of creating a state-of-the-art Super Green Factory.