Case Study

West Japan Marketing Communications Inc.

Four large multi-displays enclosing the Kyoto Station gateway entrance Gaining attention with advertisements and images that promote “Kyoto”



Purpose of Implementation

Increased sales, Improved service, Improved image

Implemented product
Information display

PN-V701 (70-inch) × 42 units
PN-V601A (60-inch) × 24 units
Operation of this system started in April 2018. 21-panel multi-displays, consisting of 70-inch 3 x 7-panels, were installed at two places on the south wall of the JR Kyoto Station Central Concourse. 12-panel multi-displays, consisting of 60-inch 3 x 4-panels, were installed at two locations on the north side wall. These panels are called “Kyoto Premium Vision” and are used to display advertisements.


West Japan Marketing Communications Inc.

Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Established in 1979. As part of the JR-West group, advertises and promotes activities utilizing the group’s assets, including the stations, trains , department stores, station buildings, shopping centers, stores, and hotels.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

The Kyoto Station Central Concourse is the gateway to Kyoto traveled by an estimated 1.07 million travelers each week. Previously, electric signboards were installed around the atrium space. However, we thought using moving images so as to get more attention, while raising the value of the area as an advertising medium.

  • Large multi-displays, known as “Kyoto Premium Vision,” were installed at four locations. Images are simultaneously delivered to achieve maximum impact.
  • High-resolution screens are utilized to display advertisements as well as images that express the beauty of Kyoto. The synergistic effect attracts high interest.
  • We are satisfied with the robustness and durability that ensure stable operation. Many clients evaluate this system as a highly effective advertising medium.
Background of Implementation
Kyoto Station’s Central Concourse is bustling with many travelers. The spatial value is further increased with digital signage.

The Kyoto Station Central Concourse is the gateway to Kyoto, traveled by an estimated 1.07 million travelers each week. Traditionally, the high advertising effect of the area was utilized with electric signboards. These signboards were installed on the top left and right walls on either side of the central ticket gate, and on the upper walls of the escalator side across from the gate, and were very popular with clients. With the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Station Building in 2017, we started to look for ways to increase the spatial value. As a conclusion, we decided to convert these signs to digital signage.

West Japan Marketing Communications Inc.
Transportation Media Department,
Project Development Division,
Project Development Group

Reasons for Selection
Prioritizing stability for displaying advertisements. The key issue was reliability founded on numerous records.

We display advertisements based on contracts with the client, so stable operation was a priority point when selecting equipment. We focused on stability, since this system was supposed to be installed at a high place where it would be hard to repair and maintain. Our company had many actual results of operation with Sharp display, so we trusted the robustness and durability of that. We also value the multi-display method that allows panels of various sizes and shapes to be combined and fit perfectly into the space where the conventional electric signboards were installed.

60-inch 3 x 4-panel multi-display installed above escalator

Effect after implementation
Staging by enclosing the area with four large multi-displays. Highly popular “Kyoto Premium Vision.”

Multi-displays are installed in a total of four locations. Two 21-panel multi-displays consisting of 70-inch 3 x 7-panels, and two 12-panel multi-displays consisting of 60-inch 3 x 4-panels are installed around the Central Concourse’s atrium space. This system is operated as “Kyoto Premium Vision.” The high-resolution images delivered simultaneously at the four locations have an outstanding impact. In addition to advertisements from multiple clients, we create and display contents that express the beauty of Kyoto. The beautiful images of four seasons in Kyoto are popular among tourists, many of those who take commemorative photo. The value as an advertising medium has increased and led to growth of revenue.

70-inch 3 x 7-panel multi-display installed above central gate ticket machines

Future prospects
There are plans to renew the digital signage installed at JR-West key stations.

While many displays are installed on the JR Kyoto Station concourse and near the ticket gates, “Kyoto Premium Vision” has realized a new spatial production effect that differs from conventional pillar wrapping signage. The large-scale installation of digital signage was implemented at the key JR-West area stations between 2011 and 2013. We plan to sequentially renew those systems with equipment that meets the needs of the times.

Pillar wrapping displays installed at subway connecting concourse

Issued February 2020