Case Study

Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok

Plasmacluster air purifier has been introduced to all guest rooms of Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok to improve the quality and comfort of the rooms.



Purpose of Implementation

Improved service, Enhanced comfort, Improved image

Implemented product
Implemented in April 2020. The air purifiers were installed in every hotel rooms and serviced residence units.

Plasmacluster Air Purifier
FP-J40TA-W x 393 units

Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

Established in 2019, Hotel
Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bankok is a new contemporary hotel in the neighborhoods of Langsuan. The 31-story hotel tower of Sindhorn Midtown offers 393 sophisticated rooms and suites designed in Thai style.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Besides comfortable beds, high-speed Wi-Fi, ideal room sizes and a great shower experience, we wanted to offer our guests something that was worth their money. As a result of our research and examination, we found that our challenge was to improve air quality in the guest rooms.

  • We provide our customers with a more comfortable and safer environment by installing air purifiers.
  • This additional in-room feature has been well received by guests.
  • This initiative was highly appreciated especially by our long-stay guest in serviced residence.
Background of Implementation
We thought about improving the hotel room from the customer's perspective.

We conducted a survey of our customers to learn what is required for a hotel room. We found out that our customers are health conscious and technology-savvy. Since clean air is appreciated by humans of all ages, genders and nationalities, we determined that air purifiers can be one of the most important factors in creating better rooms.

Reasons for Selection
SHARP products offer the quality we're looking for products that guarantee comfort to our customers.

Among the many air purifier brands, we have found that Sharp products can provide our customers with comfortable air. Comparative verification has confirmed that the plasmacluster technology significantly reduces dust, germs and unpleasant odors in the guest room.

Effect after implementation
With this additional in-room feature, we are getting positive feedback from our guests.

Currently, many Japanese customers are staying long periods of time in our serviced residences. They are happy to live in a healthier and safer environment with air purifiers that provide comfortable air.

Future prospects
We want to continue to provide a safe and secure experience for our guests.

Bangkok and many other cities around the world are facing air pollution issues, which is changing the behavior of customers. At Sindhorn Midtown, safety and cleanliness are our top priorities to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for our guests.

Issued August 2020