Case Study


Jexer Fitness & Spa Yokohama, JR East Japan Sports Co., Ltd

Aiming to secure a pleasant environment by using Plasmacluster Improving the fitness studio as a facility where users can access with a sense of safety


Sports facility

Purpose of Implementation

Enhanced comfort, Enhanced after-sale, service Improved image

Implemented product
Floor-standing type Plasmacluster air purifier

FU-M1400* x 6 units

* The floor area under application of Plasmacluster is approx. 65m2.

First introduced in August 2020. Installed in two rooms (the normal-temperature studio and the bedrock-hot studio) three units for each. According to situations, they may be relocated and used.


Gym area equipped with effective illumination that can help increase performance

JR East Japan Sports Co., Ltd Jexer Fitness & Spa Yokohama

Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Fitness club opened in August 2020. Conveniently located close to the station in the JR Yokohama Tsuruya-cho Building that is connected to the JR Yokohama Tower by a pedestrian deck. This is an integrated facility complete with cutting-edge machines to spas and has been supporting health promotion of the members by accommodating their lifestyles.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

This fitness club has been making efforts in improving air environment so that customers can use the facility with comfort. However, people have recently become more conscious about the quality of air than ever before, so the Club has been required to take furthermore measures for member’s safety.

  • Using the air purifiers that can cover a large space, the Club has been able to enhance sanitary measures and to provide members with more sense of security.
  • Smell of sports sweat that tends to fill a space during exercise has been drastically reduced. Members are utilizing the facility with more comfort.
  • Being equipped with functions such as timer-controlled operation and prefilter automatic cleaning, the air purifiers hardly require any extra work for operation and maintenance.
Background of Implementation
Thoroughly implementing various measures along the industry’s guidelines. Securing a pleasant environment where members can utilize with comfort

Aiming so that our members can utilize the facility with comfort, Jexer has always worked on developing a sanitary environment. As further measures, we have adopted various measures according to the industry’ s guidelines, including temperature measurement at the entrance, mask wearing, disinfection of hands, fingers and equipment, a number restriction on users, etc. Ventilation using the air-conditioning system has been one of these efforts regarding air environment. In addition, we have decided to introduce air purifiers so that our members can utilize the facility with increased comfort and safety.

Ms. Tomoko Nakagawa,
Assistant Manager
Jexer Fitness & Spa Yokohama, JR East Japan Sports Co., Ltd

Reasons for Selection
Appreciating its high recognizability and the advantage of being floor-standing type and no installation work required

Plasmacluster is highly recognizable, which is advantageous as people can notice at a glance that air purifiers have been used. From the product lineup, we have selected the floor-standing type that can cover a wide space. We have also highly appreciated as it required no installation work and can be relocated anytime anywhere as long as an electric power source is available. Before making our final decision of adoption, we have received a proposition from Sharp in the form of an installation plan based on drawings that included optimal installation locations and the number of units to be installed.

Large studio space is effectively covered by Plasmacluster air purifier.

Effect after implementation
Many members are presently using the facility with comfort. Smell of sweat is hardly noticeable.

No sanitary measures can achieve 100% security and safety. However, under the current circumstances, our members are utilizing the facility with comfort and we have not received any negative comment on our air environment. We consider these facts as the best effect of implementation. We have realized the smell control effect, too. Not only for the normal-temperature studio but also for the bedrock-hot studio, smell had tended to fill the space especially caused by sweat. However, today, it is hardly noticeable within the Club. Regarding actual use, thanks to its functions such as timer operation and prefilter automatic cleaning, there is not much work to be done by our staff regarding its operation and cleaning.

Smell inside the bedrock-hot studio where more sweat is produced has been drastically reduced.

Future prospects
Installing the same type of Plasmacluster air purifier in a newly opened facility. Continuously working for our members’ good health and community.

In positive response to the good effect of implementation obtained at this Club, the newly opened Itabashi facility has also introduced Plasmacluster air purifier. With a hope to contribute to our members’ good health and activation of community, we will continue working on creating an environment that can be utilized by members with comfort and that is accessible by more people.

Dust collected by prefilter automatic cleaning function is collected in Dust Box.

Issued October 2020