Inter BEE 2017


A Lineup of Sharp 8K Products on Display
Sharp at International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2017(Inter BEE 2017)

Sharp Corporation and Astrodesign, Inc.* (Head office: Ota, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shigeaki Suzuki) will have a joint exhibit at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition 2017 (Inter BEE 2017), to be held at the Makuhari Messe in Mihama, Chiba, Japan from November 15 (Wednesday) to 17 (Friday), 2017.

Besides highlighting an 8K professional camcorder developed with the technical cooperation of Astrodesign, the joint booth will have an AQUOS 8K 70V-inch 8K-compatible LCD TV for end consumers, medium- to large-sized 8K professional monitors (in 27V-, 70V-, and 85V-inch sizes), as well as Astrodesign products for the creation of 8K content. With the booth showcasing all the products for taking, recording, editing, and displaying 8K content, as well as examples of the many uses of 8K in our lives, visitors will experience firsthand the 8K ecosystem that Sharp is aiming to establish.

Also in the booth will be Astrodesign’s 8K projector, which will project large 300-inch video in a theater setting.

  • Business fields: Design, manufacture, and sales of video and still image peripherals and software, HDTV studio peripherals, digital-broadcast-related peripherals, and display measuring instruments; sales of modules and systems related to communication, control, and measurement.

Location of Sharp Booth

Video Production/Broadcast Equipment section
(booth 3315, Hall 3)

Exhibit Highlights

  • 8C-B60A 8K professional camcorder (developed jointly by Sharp and Astrodesign)
  • LC-70X500 AQUOS 8K 70V-inch 8K-compatible LCD TV for end consumers
  • LV-85001 85V-inch 8K professional LCD monitor
  • LV-70002 70V-inch 8K professional LCD monitor
  • 27V-inch 8K professional LCD monitor (reference purposes)

8K Theater

The 8K Theater in the booth will feature a giant 300-inch screen showing images from the world’s first DLP® 8K projector.
The projector was developed by Astrodesign, Inc. (Japan), Delta Electronics, Inc. (Taiwan), and its subsidiary Digital Projection (UK).
Don’t miss the amazingly bright 8K ultra-high-definition images with a light source brightness of 25,000 lumens and a projected brightness of 1,000 lux.

8K Street

As you enter 8K Street, an 85-inch monitor and a 70-inch monitor at the far end will wow you with incredible 8K images. View the exhibits on either side of the street showing 8K-compatible products in everyday usage situations.
You’ll see that the 8K era is already here.

8K Studio

Step inside a video creation studio to see how the 8C-B60A camcorder (released on November 7 in Japan) can take and play back footage for 8K content. The subject matter is a traditional Japanese dance performed right before your eyes in the 8K Studio.
Note: Check the performance schedule at the booth.