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Programme Resources

Here we include basic and practical programmes for Graphing calculators. Using these programmes, you can make complicated calculations automatically and continuously.
Download compressed files with a right mouse-click and decompress them with a double-click. Instead of using the PC Link, you can input the programme list shown on Read Me directly to your Graphing calculator.
(Please see "How to Download" for details.)
Although the programmes provided here are free, you are required to use them only in accordance with the description in the notes.
*Windows OnlyHow to Download

1) Analyzing with One-Way Layout Method 2) Angle of Vector
3) Electric Power Consumed on an AC Circuit 4) Graph of Experimental Data
5) Heron's Formula 6) Illuminance and Luminous Intensity
7) Involute (Inverse Involute) 8) Linear Transformation
9) Moving Average 10) Ordinary Differential Equations
11) Parabolic Motion 12) Simple Harmonic Oscillation
13) Tension  

Data Collection
1) For Voltage Sensor 2) For Light Sensor
3) For Heat Sensor 4) For Motion Sensor