Sharp and the SDGs

Business Philosophy and the SDGs

In 1973, Sharp put into writing its business philosophy, which says the company will “contribute to the culture, benefits and welfare of people throughout the world” and that “our future prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of our customers, dealers and shareholders.” These and other vows of the business philosophy share the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which the UN enacted in 2015.

Through its business philosophy, Sharp aims to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs both by providing solutions to social issues through its business and by reducing burdens on society and the environment through SER* measures, thus helping realize a better, more sustainable world in which no one on our Earth is left behind.

  • SER: Social and environmental responsibility.

Eight Priority Business Areas Focused on Addressing Social Issues

In line with its business vision of “Changing the world with 8K+5G and AIoT*,” Sharp has worked to create an 8K+5G ecosystem, develop 5G-related business, expand its COCORO LIFE services, and strengthen its cloud services in order to move beyond business that revolves solely around hardware and devices and towards more innovative systems and solutions-focused business integrating hardware, software, and services. The aim of this business innovation is to offer the world new value as “One Sharp,” which helps to address the issues facing the international community. 

Each business unit and affiliated company is working to bolster Sharp’s efforts not only in those business areas where it is already successfully established, namely smart homes, entertainment, and smart offices, but also in healthcare, education, security, industry, and mobility-related areas. In each of these areas, Sharp’s business units and affiliated companies seek to balance business expansion with addressing social issues in such a way that will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

  • AIoT is a word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things). AIoT is a vision of how products and services will connect to artificial intelligence via the cloud and become a people-oriented existence. AIoT is a registered trademark of Sharp.
< Smart Life > Smart Appliances & Solutions BU

Offering support through AIoT*1 for a safe, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle. Yielding a smart life for the near future through people-oriented AIoT.

Target Social Issues

  • Increasing health awareness
  • Consideration for the environment
  • Concern about the air environment
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Work-life balance
  • Quality education

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

In our aim to help create a healthy and comfortable life, the Smart Appliances & Solutions BU supplies end consumers and B2B customers globally with a variety of appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and air purifiers.

We offer users a safe, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle in a variety of ways by applying AIoT to conventional household appliances to match lifestyles and preferences, such as proposing healthful food recipes, ensuring safe and comfortable indoor air environments, and helping make work more rewarding by reducing household chores. We also strive to realize smart homes that integrate AIoT and storage batteries that further the use of renewable energy.

Further, we carry out ongoing eco-friendly practices at the development stage, such as the development of low-power-consumption technology, low-resource-use design, the active use of recycled plastics using our closed-loop material recycling technology*2, in which products are recovered and their plastics are 100% recycled and reused multiple times in making new home appliances, and the development and sale of water-saving, hole-less tub washing machines. In the production stage, we establish numerical objectives for each factory and work to achieve them in an effort to reduce the consumption of electricity and gas by the factories and reduce the volume of waste produced. 

Our electronic dictionaries contribute to goal 4 (quality education) of the SDGs.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Ongoing development of AIoT-compatible models
    • Japan: In fiscal 2021, we developed 119 AIoT-compatible models. They include the Stock Assist inventory control device, which helps smartphone owners in managing their inventory of food, daily necessities, and other goods, and the Plasmacluster air conditioner, which uses a dedicated app that sets the air conditioner and air purifier installation locations so that coordinated control of air volume and direction is achieved, thus providing optimal airflow for increased virus droplet capture.
    • Overseas: We are updating and expanding the range of services we offer that are tailored to the needs of overseas markets, including ASEAN, Taiwan, and North America.
  • Increasing cloud connectivity of AIoT home appliances
    • The connection rate as of June 30, 2022 was just over 33%. In order to help increase connectivity, we are expanding and improving our recipe browsing and downloading service, which operates in conjunction with Sapporo Holdings Limited’s Uchirepi recipe app.

Stock Assist
(underneath the eggs; trial sales)

Built-in drawer-type microwave oven, an AIoT-connected cooking appliance for the US

Awards and Honors

  • ECCJ Chairman’s Prize at 2021 Energy Conservation Grand Prize for narrow-depth, large-capacity Plasmacluster refrigerator
  • *1 AIoT is a word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT(Internet of things). Sharp is pursuing a more people-oriented world through AIoT-driven devices and services.
  • *2 Joint development with Kansai Recycling Systems Co., Ltd., a consumer electronics recycling company established in Japan with joint investment from Sharp and five other companies.
< Smart Life > Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ)

Providing eco-friendly, energy-producing solar power systems to countries around the world to help solve the pressing energy challenges we face. Making life easier with energy solutions (systems and services) that make smarter use of electricity.

Target Social Issues

  • Resolution of energy issues
  • Consideration for the environment
  • Developing proper disposal and recycling mechanisms
  • Climate change mitigation

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

Sharp’s history of achievements in solar power systems goes back more than six decades to 1959, beginning with the words of founder Tokuji Hayakawa: “If we could find a way of generating electricity from limitless solar heat and light, that would benefit humankind to an extent we can scarcely imagine.”

SESJ has kept to these words and continues to work consistently from development to sales, installation, and after-sales service in its domestic and overseas energy solutions business to contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Specifically, the expansion of installations of solar power systems on rooftops of housing and factories and mega-solar projects help us achieve goals 7 (affordable and clean energy) and 13 (climate action) of the SDGs.

In an aim to promote the use of sustainable renewable energy sources, we also develop smart homes that integrate with people-oriented IoT home appliances. We are also creating new solutions, like self-consumption systems that smartly link solar power systems with storage batteries. These help us achieve goals 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and 12 (responsible consumption and production) of the SDGs.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Release of four models of BLACKSOLAR ZERO residential solar cell modules
    The flagship model, with its black design, has an appearance that beautifully harmonizes with roofs and provides high output capacity.
  • On-site PPA* solar power system for large-scale commercial facility A 1.5 MW power generation system constructed as a joint venture in the city of Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, and representing a first step for the on-site PPA model, began operation on October 15, 2021. It is expected to generate around 1,388 MWh annually, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about 715 tons CO2 per year.
  • COCORO POWER flat-rate PPA service launched for new homes
  • Major Thai tire manufacturer orders installation of large-scale rooftop solar power system for its factory

Solar power system installed at the Home Center Musashi store in Natori

Conceptual image of BLACKSOLAR ZERO and Roofit installation

Awards and Honors

  • 2021 Good Design Award for BLACKSOLAR ZERO and Roofit layout
  • Power Purchase Agreement model.
< Smart Life > Corporate Research & Development BU*1

By using society-changing, proprietary, world-first, and world’s-best technology to build entirely new ecosystems and create and expand new businesses, we are contributing to a sustainable society.

Target Social Issues

  • Accelerating the social implementation of digital healthcare technologies
  • Encouraging social adoption of IoT using next-generation communications infrastructure
  • Promoting DX (digital transformation) in industry
  • Realizing carbon neutrality

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

In addition to the 8K+5G Ecosystem and AIoT World, the Corporate Research & Development BU, which serves as Sharp’s corporate R&D department, is pursuing the creation of digital healthcare solutions, carbon-neutral technologies, and infrastructure DX solutions by combining the proprietary technologies for digital healthcare and green DX with key devices that support Sharp’s unique products.

  • Initiatives in digital healthcare
    By developing devices with bio-sensing functionality and creating solutions that can monitor people’s state of health, Sharp is working to develop vital sign detection algorithms that can be used in health management based on sensed data.
  • Initiatives in infrastructure DX solutions
    Utilizing 8K+5G technologies, Sharp provides automatic inspection DX solutions and infrastructure maintenance and inspection solutions using high-definition image detection technology for the construction and civil engineering fields. We also  contribute to the resolution of social issues with DX solutions in a range of industries.
  • Initiatives in next-generation communications technologies
    Sharp holds a total of more than 6,000 patents in more than 50 countries. These patents play an essential role in communications standards including 5G, and Sharp is using them to develop a licensing business. Going forward, as part of the Beyond 5G initiative, we will work actively to develop new technologies for next-generation communications in an effort to realize a fusion of the cyber and physical domains characterized by faster speeds, shorter delays, and increased communications capacity.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Contact and non-contact vital sensing solutions
    Sharp is developing systems that combine bio-sensors with vital sign detection algorithms in order to make it possible to measure health data in everyday life without users being aware of the fact they’re being measured.
  • TEKIjuN, a material that can regulate humidity in closed spaces
    Sharp is applying TEKIjuN in a range of areas, including managing humidity and preventing condensation in residential spaces and reducing food and material wastage.
  • Contributing to carbon neutrality by reducing server power use
    Sharp is developing high-efficiency server power supplies that minimize power loss.
  • Accelerating the DX solution business for industry
    Sharp is putting into practical use  a real-time automatic rebar arrangement inspection system, a sewerage inspection support system, and drone inspection solutions. We are also trialing remote monitoring at construction sites and expanding applications of 8K video transmission.
  • Licensing patents that are essential to 5G standards
    Sharp holds 1,708 patent families under the licensing declaration for 5G wireless communication standards (ranked first in Japan, 11th in the world*2) as we strengthen our licensing business.

Contactless vital sensing

TEKIjuN beads and sheets

Real-time automatic rebar arrangement inspection system

Awards and Honors

  • A total of six awards for the real-time automatic rebar arrangement inspection system, including the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award at the 4th Japan Open Innovation Prize and a prize at the 23rd National Land Technology Development Awards
  • Chairman’s Prize for Outstanding Enterprises, the most prestigious award of the Fiscal 2021 NEDO Energy-saving Technology Development Awards , for a high-efficiency server power supply that uses GaN*3 power devices
  • *1 Company name is current as of September 30, 2022
  • *2 As of June 2022. Based on findings from a third-party institute.
  • *3 Gallium nitride: A material that is attracting attention as a next-generation semiconductor with high conversion efficiency thanks to electrical and physical properties that are superior to those of silicon, the material that is traditionally used in such applications.
< 8K Ecosystem > Smart Business Solutions BU

By strengthening B2B solution proposals built on the customer’s perspective, we are contributing to the resolution of  business and social issues by providing safe, secure environments that let people concentrate on their jobs no matter when or where they are.

Target Social Issues

  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Reduction of environmental impacts
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Changing workstyles
  • Aging of the population and labor shortages
  • Rapidly rising distribution volume
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Prevention of resource scarcity
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Environmental and community service activities

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

As changes in the social environment drive demand for a variety of reforms in the workplace, the Smart Business Solutions BU has worked to solve a variety of issues facing customers and society by fostering business transformations through eight solutions that combine technologies, products, and services. Going forward, we will continue to contribute to the resolution of social issues by providing unique products, services, and solutions based on Sharp’s business creed of “Sincerity and Creativity” and the SDGs policies described below as we strive to realize a sustainable society.

We will contribute to the resolution of business and social issues by realizing three Xs (transformations) through eight solution domains.




Eight solution domains for resolving issues

  • (1) Smart offices/IT services
  • (2) Environment
  • (3) Public
  • (4) Digital imaging
  • (5) Security
  • (6) Retail
  • (7) Smart factories
  • (8) Logistics

Major SDG Contribution Examples

Sharp continues to develop technologies for reducing environmental impacts. We are working to reduce TEC values* with the low-melting-point Mycrostoner and low-temperature fusing technology. In addition, we have enhanced the controller control technology on the latest MFP (multi-function printer) model, the BP-70C26 series, to realize power consumption of 0.3 W during network standby, significantly improving the TEC value compared to the 2018 model and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Reflecting efforts such as remanufacturing consumables and reducing waste by extending the service life of maintenance parts, we have earned a variety of environmental certification labels through compliance with environmental regulations and standards in countries worldwide.

In 2022, Sharp marked the 50th anniversary of its document business. Going forward, we will continue environmentally friendly product development throughout the product life cycle.


  • TEC: typical electricity consumption. TEC values are derived using measurement methods defined by the international ENERGY STAR program version 3.0 requirements.
< 8K Ecosystem > Smart Display Systems BU and Global Brand-Products BU

Establish an 8K+5G Ecosystem and AIoT World through the development and expanded sales of AV products and pursue ESG initiatives to propose more convenient and comfortable lifestyles.

Target Social Issues

  • Measures to prevent infectious disease, including new viruses
  • Rising healthy life expectancy Work-style reforms
  • Aging society and shrinking population
  • Consideration for the environment
  • Climate change mitigation

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

The Smart Display Systems BU is expanding the potential of AV devices, including by pioneering the development and introduction of uniquely featured products, for example LCD TVs and 1-bit audio devices, and by releasing the world’s first*1 TV with a built-in 8K tuner.

In fiscal 2021, we released the AQUOS XLED, which incorporated a mini LED backlight and quantum dot color filter to deliver higher brightness, higher contrast, and a wider color gamut than previous models by combining the best features of LCD and OLED TVs.

In addition, we are working to develop products that accommodate the demands of the current extended pandemic and accompanying new normal and to propose how they can be used, including:

  • Enriching time spent at home:
    Android TVs capable of accessing numerous video-on-demand (VOD) services
  • Supporting remote work:
    Sound Partner, a product that can be used for extended periods of time as a pair of microphone-equipped headphones that do not block the ears
  • Preventing infection:
    A microphone-equipped speaker system for use in reception work to aid workers’ ability to communicate smoothly across a partition

In addition to resolving social issues by pursing the potential of AV devices that connect directly to the senses of sight and hearing, which among the five senses encounter the most information, we will provide solutions for more convenient, comfortable lifestyles.

  • *1 For TVs capable of receiving 8K BS broadcasts, which first became available in Japan in December 2018.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Equipping large-screen TVs with games designed to train users’ cognitive functions*2
    These games let viewers train their cognitive functions while having fun using the TV’s large screen and simple remote control operations, for example by memorizing card patterns or trying to stop a stopwatch precisely at a specified number of seconds.
  • *2 Developed by customizing CogEvo, a series of cognitive function training activities provided by Total Brain Care Co. Ltd., for use with COCORO VISION.

Onscreen image (“Today’s game”)

Stopping the indicator at the specified number of seconds in “Stopwatch”

Memorizing card patterns in “Card Memory”

Awards and Honors

  • 3rd Japan Child Care Advocate Grand Prize 2022*3 for Sound Partner
    Households with children had high praise for the ability to hear a child calling or crying while enjoying music or TV with Sound Partner, which doesn’t block the ears.
  • *3 Organized by the Japan Child&Family-Support Association   to recognize products and services that are beneficial for child care.

AN-SS2 Sound Partner

Evaluation criteria
  1. Safety and peace of mind
  2. Convenience, workload reduction, advice
  3. Child growth
  4. Parent-child communication
  5. Comfort (in realizing an enjoyable child care experience)
< ICT > Mobile Communication BU

Using communication technology to build a society where everyone has an equal opportunity to find decent quality of life, work, and education.

Target Social Issues

  • Equal education, working environment
  • Environmental challenges
  • Remote, non-contact
  • Health challenges
  • Low birthrate and aging population, diminishing workforce

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

The Mobile Communication BU aspires to be a business unit that leverages communication technology to keep on producing new value. By developing diverse networked devices like smartphones and creating solutions, we provide products and services that inspire people to live more joyful lives.

Modern society is facing a variety of challenges and changes: a diminishing workforce due to low birthrates and an aging population, diversifying work styles to accommodate birth, childcare, and family care needs, and a changing social environment brought on by the pandemic. These are facilitating ongoing work style reforms made possible by telecommuting, remote and non-contact solutions, and the growth of DX. On the education front, Japan is moving toward greater ICT utilization, as exemplified by the GIGA School Program. In addition, as the population grows increasingly older, there is also heightened interest in healthy life expectancy.

At the same time, however, environmental efforts related to global warming, carbon neutrality, plastic waste reduction, and other challenges are beginning to pick up speed worldwide.

In the Mobile Communication BU, we will continue to apply the technology and know-how our business has cultivated over the years to pursue new developments in communication networks, such as 5G, so that we can continue to provide products and solutions that help address these social and environmental challenges.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Release of Dynabook Chromebook C1 Wi-Fi model
    We added a Wi-Fi model to our built-in LTE model and released it for sale to education institutions.
  • Release of Medical Listening Plug in-the-ear hearing aid
    Helps in the realization of an “ageless society” by giving users better hearing for longer.
  • Release of the Inforia for Hotel in-room information service
    Facilitates non-contact/non-face-to-face customer reception and better operational efficiency.
  • Release of “home 5G” router through NTT Docomo
    With simple installation that requires only a power outlet to plug it into, this router turns users’ homes into an ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi environment convenient for telework and online learning.
  • Release of AQUOS “wish”  series of 5G smartphones
    The casing is 35% recycled plastic. This environmental-mindedness extends to the slim packaging that cuts down on paper usage.

Chromebook C1

Inforia for Hotel

AQUOS wish series

Medical Listening Plug

home 5G

Awards and Honors

  • Elemental Technologies/Devices Category Grand Prix at CEATEC Award 2021 for Medical Listening Plug in-the-ear hearing aid
< ICT > Dynabook Inc.

Dynabook is making people’s lives and society better by “changing the world through computing and services,’’ developing “true computing that reflects real needs and that supports communities,’’ and offering “new added value and services developed from the user’s standpoint.’’

Target Social Issues

  • Contributing to preservation of the global environment
  • Building a foundation for technological innovation
  • Promoting modern work styles
  • Providing health management services
  • Developing ICT environment for school education

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

Dynabook is a business corporation that develops, manufactures, sells, supports, and services personal computers and system solutions products. With the vision “Changing the world through computing and services,” we are pursuing the fusion of hardware (“dynabook as a Computing”) and services (“dynabook as a Service”) and strengthening the technology that supports this endeavor as we expand our business globally.

Our manufacture of PCs with built-in, long-life batteries, made possible through the application of energy-saving technology and various other design technologies, and our environmentally focused production activities are contributing to goals 7 (affordable and clean energy), 11 (sustainable cities and communities), and 12 (responsible consumption and production) of the SDGs.

We are also working toward goals 8 (decent work and economic growth) and 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure) with the development of PCs and telework solutions adapted to diverse, modern work styles.

In the area of culture and education, we help with the development of, and services for, ICT-driven school education environments, with the aim of facilitating realization of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s GIGA School Program, thereby working toward goal 4 (quality education).

Also, in the realm of digital healthcare, our Job Canvas work style visualization solution is being used to facilitate health management functionality, thereby contributing to goal 3 (good health and well-being) and, thus, achieving a sustainable society.

14-inch laptop for hybrid work styles

dynaEdge solutions for tackling on-site challenges

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • PCs
    • Introduction of a new, faster, lighter, stronger model with a built-in long-life battery
    • Faster processing and greater convenience and usability thanks to Dynabook’s proprietary “empower” technology
  • Stronger solutions (telework, education, on-site, healthcare)
    • Telework:
      Stronger sales of cloud environment creation support services tailored to modern work styles that allow users to work anywhere at any time
    • Education:
      Provision of student learning improvement-focused PCs and environments/services
    • On-site:
      Advancement in work techniques and quality through application of Edge AI*
    • Healthcare:
      Support for healthy work styles by managing PC operation time with Job Canvas
  • New concept computing
    Utilization of cloud-based platforms for all business to strengthen data mining, Edge AI, and consultation/environmental development/maintenance services in the fields of telematics, on-site services, and telework.
  • Technology that involves incorporating AI into IoT devices, sensors and other terminal devices to enable those devices to perform analysis.
< Display Devices > Sharp Display Technology Corporation

Using display technology to build an 8K+5G Ecosystem and AIoT World.
~Offering solutions—through high-definition, energy-efficient, environmental durability, high-speed drive technology—to the social challenges of healthcare, education, infrastructure, and self-driving, as they evolve in an AIoT society. ~

Target Social Issues

  • Contributing to better healthcare technology/human resources and a pandemic-free world that has control over infectious disease
  • Realizing a society offering comprehensive access to education and job training information, from beginner to advanced
  • Improving energy utilization efficiency to achieve an energy-efficient society
  • Applying science and technology to industry creation to facilitate the expansion of a business ecosystem society
  • Building smart cities to enable society to more functionally and efficiently operate infrastructure

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

Sharp Display Technology currently develops, manufactures, and sells display modules for a variety of uses. Among these, an LCD *1 that utilizes IGZO*2, an oxide semiconductor that we were the first in the world to successfully mass produce, is notably characterized by its 1) high definition, 2) high-speed drive, 3) low power consumption, and 4) versatility in design. This LCD technology has found wide applications.

Ever since the start of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, our routines have adapted to what is being called the new normal. People are using IT networks for daily life as we work, study, and get medical care online. Amidst this new wave, displays are taking on increasingly crucial roles.

In its quest to build an 8K+5G Ecosystem and AIoT World, the Sharp Group is continuously advancing technologies that meet the world’s needs and giving new value to displays and display application technologies. These efforts are aimed at building an ESG-based, prosperous society where everyone can live safely and securely and at advancing a variety of business fields towards achievement of the SDGs.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Development of ultra-low power displays
    • Expanded sales of reflective displays for smart bus stops, digital signage, tablets for education, and other applications
    • Expanded sales of smart watches (memory LCD) to meet demand for greater visibility outdoors and longer-lasting use

Smart bus stop

Digital signage

Tablet for education

Smart watch

  • Contribution to medical and healthcare fields
    • Development of 8K displays for healthcare that can detect minute abnormalities
    • Helping to protect against various infectious diseases for the sake of realizing a society where everyone can live in health and safety
  • Moth Eye technology
    • Developing applications for our proprietary antiviral Moth Eye technology, which has been proven to be highly effective at inactivating*3 SARS-CoV-2 viral particles that come into contact with it

Medical display (diagnostic monitor)

Sharp Crystal face mask

Antiviral Moth Eye technology (electron microscope photo of Moth Eye structure)

Awards and Honors

  • The Japanese Liquid Crystal Society 2021 Technology Development Award for technological development and practical application of a high-performance reflective LCD panel
  • *1 Mass produced since March 2012 through joint development with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • *2 An oxide semiconductor comprising indium, gallium, zinc, and oxygen
  • *3 Having the effect of causing a virus to lose its infectiousness.
< Electronic Devices > Sharp Sensing Technology Corporation

From imaging to sensing, business growth driven by camera module component technology

Target Social Issues

  • Improvement in the quality of communication through higher camera picture quality and resolution
  • Sensing module-driven AR/VR technological innovation aimed at the Metaverse* market

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

Sharp Sensing Technology develops, manufactures, and markets camera modules for smartphones, tablets, and other IT equipment. In 2000 Sharp released the world’s first mobile phone with a camera, which was equipped with a camera module developed by Sharp Sensing Technology.

The camera module we developed at that time had a resolution of only 0.11 megapixels. We pursued higher and higher image quality and eventually came out with a camera module with a 1-inch, 20.2-megapixel sensor in 2021, followed by a camera module equipped with a 47.2-megapixel sensor in 2022. This gave image quality equivalent to that of a single-lens-reflex camera and let users easily take high-resolution photographs.

We are also working on camera module component and 3D sensing technology applications, including development of miniature sensing modules useful for enhancing the immersiveness and immediacy of VR (virtual reality) terminals. With a view towards business expansion into the Metaverse market, we are developing and producing AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality) sensing modules, all of which will contribute to further expansion in imaging technology innovation.

  • A newly coined word combing the words meta (“beyond”) and universe. It is used to refer generally to virtual space constructed within networks and the services that run in that space.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Smartphone equipped with a 1-inch sensor high-speed AF camera module offering a sense of high-resolution immediacy

Smartphone with 1-inch sensor camera module

  • Provision of miniature sensing modules suited to VR headsets and AR glasses

Examples of miniature sensing module-equipped products

< Electronic Devices > Sharp Fukuyama Laser Co., Ltd. (SFL)

Semiconductor business: Aggressively expand production capacity in order to contribute to the growth of a semiconductor industry that sustainably supports the foundations of society.
Laser business: Create novel laser devices focused on those technologies, such as 5G, EV, and AR/VR, essential to the society of tomorrow.

Target Social Issues

  • Digitalization of education
  • Efficient resource usage and recycling
  • Resolving the global semiconductor shortage
  • Efficient energy usage
  • Realization of smart cities providing a higher quality of life
  • Discharge of safe water

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

SFL contributes to the creation of numerous products by developing and manufacturing laser devices and modules and carrying out semiconductor wafer foundry business.

Semiconductor business: As a wafer foundry manufacturer, SFL develops production processes and expands manufacturing capacity for LCD driver ICs*1 and power supply ICs*2 that make electronic products more energy efficient. In the process, SFL contributes to the growth of a semiconductor industry that sustainably supports the foundations of society.

Laser business: As a manufacturer offering a broad spectrum of semiconductor lasers, from visible to infrared light, SFL contributes to the creation of new lifestyles by developing and manufacturing lasers used in the processing of FPC*3 substrates, which are indispensable to 5G and its accelerating effect on IoT, and to lightening wire harnesses used for EVs*4.

These businesses drive industrial and technological innovation, and through the contributions we make to building a healthy and comfortable society for all, we are working to improve the social value of our company.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Expansion in production of the semiconductors upon which society depends
    • Contributing to a more stable supply of LCD driver ICs and power supply ICs by increasing production capacity (20% increase in production volume compared with 2020)
    • Developing next-generation manufacturing processes for power supply ICs in order to achieve greater power savings
  • Development and manufacture of high-power processing lasers
    Developing and manufacturing a processing laser for use in making FPC substrates for 5G and EVs.
  • Promotion of safety awareness and risk communication through plant wastewater sampling and analyses conducted jointly by local residents, government, and Sharp.
  • Plant wastewater sampling and analyses by three parties (local residents, government, and Sharp)
  • Opening of the Sharp Fukuyama Academy Farm
    A comprehensive farming experience, from soil cultivation to crop harvesting, which promotes good health and mental and physical refreshment among employees and their families.

Semiconductor plant in Fukuyama

High-power processing laser

Plant wastewater sampling and analyses by three parties (local residents, government, and Sharp)

A family trying their hand at soil cultivation (furrowing)

Participating employees, their families, and work colleagues

  • *1 Integrated circuits that send the electrical signals that operate LCDs
  • *2 Integrated circuits responsible for controlling power supply in electrical appliances.
  • *3 FPC: Flexible printed circuit
  • *4 EV: Electric vehicle
< Electronic Devices > Sharp Semiconductor Innovation Corporation

Contributing to a sustainable society by developing devices that impact society in a positive way while creating and expanding new businesses with the potential to form new ecosystems.

Target Social Issues

  • Assessment of people’s state of health in all countries
  • Consideration for the environment
  • Resolution of energy issues
  • Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources
  • Achievement of a high level of economic productivity
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Development of next-generation infrastructure

SDGs We Aim to Contribute through Our Business

Activity Status

Sharp Semiconductor Innovation creates the various key devices that underpin Sharp’s unique products. Currently, we are developing and selling devices and modules that will serve as technological infrastructure for DX and digital healthcare solutions utilizing 8K+5G and AIoT.

  • We are making possible health support in a variety of situations by utilizing sensors that apply existing optoelectronics technology to develop devices with bio-sensing functionality and building solutions that can monitor people’s state of health.
  • We will contribute to the development of society through industry DX solutions by bringing IoT communications devices developed for personal use to infrastructure, construction, and, rail applications.
  • As a Sharp Group company, we will contribute to the digital healthcare field by developing care devices for in-house use, including key devices for Plasmacluster technology, a unique feature of Sharp products.
  • The resulting expansion in the range of unique, proprietary devices, particularly for major global corporations, can be expected to spur reforms in a variety of lifestyle settings and improve both social activities and quality of life.
  • We will contribute to the development of our communications-based society by creating new technologies (Beyond 5G SoCs) for next-generation communications.

Major SDG Contribution Examples

  • Providing IoT communication modules for infrastructure applications
    We will realize continuous, interruption-free IoT service using IoT adapters as an alternative to non-mobile communications infrastructure (ADSL/ISDN).
  • Rolling out new opto-device products in new fields
    We will facilitate the evolution of new products, including ToF*1 ranging sensors for robot vacuum cleaners, photointerrupters for smart water meters, and proximity sensors for TWS*2 earphones.
  • Starting contract R&D work for development of a Beyond 5G SoC
    We were selected to carry out work under the R&D of Beyond 5G (B5G) IoT, SoC, and IoT Solution Building Platforms Enabling Continuous Evolution, a program of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). We are working to accelerate establishment of next-generation technologies to replace current 5G communications in Japan.

IoT communication module

Various sensors (optical sensor, others)

  • *1 ToF: Time of flight. A method for measuring distance from a target object by measuring how long it takes light from an optical source to reflect off the target and return to a sensor (optical detector).
  • *2 TWS: True wireless stereo