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World Topics

New AQUOS Products Introduced/Report from the Sharp Booth
AQUOS New X Series Launched at CEATEC Japan 2008

Sharp introduced the X Series of AQUOS LCD TVs and hosted an exhibit at CEATEC Japan 2008, a comprehensive trade show for cutting-edge IT and electronics products held from September 30 to October 4 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Sharp launched two models, the LC-65XS1 and LC-52XS1, of the X-Series of AQUOS LCD TVs. They feature a newly developed next-generation LCD with Mega ASV for amazing image quality, a revolutionary ultra-thin design, and outstanding environmental performance.

During the show, the Sharp booth showed off the X Series along with the rest of its diverse lineup of AQUOS LCD TVs, offering a wide range of styles to fit consumers' lives. The booth also included displays and demonstrations of Sharp's one-of-a-kind products such as AQUOS Blu-ray Disc players, mobile phones, and electronic dictionaries. Sharp also took the chance to introduce its efforts toward becoming an environmentally advanced company.

Sharp booth at CEATEC Japan 2008

(From left) Group General Manager Muramatsu, Executive Vice President Hamano, and Division General Manager Nomoto

Masafumi Matsumoto, Executive Vice President (Product Business) and Group General Manager, One-of-a-Kind Products Planning Group, introduces the X Series.

Masafumi Matsumoto, Executive Vice President (Product Business) and Group General Manager, One-of-a-Kind Products Planning Group

The AQUOS X Series LC-65XS1

The X Series of AQUOS LCD TVs: (from left) the LC-65XS1, mounted on a floor pole, LC-65XS1, mounted in a folding screen style, and the LC-52XS1, mounted on a floor rack

The Sharp Booth at CEATEC Japan 2008

<AQUOS Corner>

In addition to the new X Series, Sharp showcased the whole lineup of AQUOS LCD TVs, including the premium model R Series, the many models of the living-room-centerpiece G Series, and the multiple color choices of the D Series.

<AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Corner>

The AQUOS Blu-ray Disc player display highlighted product features including the capability of recording in 5X extra-long mode and recording all audio tracks and supporting data from TV shows even in 3X mode.

<Corporate Vision Corner—An Environmentally Advanced Company >

Sharp introduced its aim of achieving carbon neutrality through the development of its energy-creating solar power products and its energy-saving LCD and LED products.

The concept model, Solar Powered LCD TV (Prototype), which an X Series AQUOS LCD TV and solar panel are combined

(From left) 26V-inch Low-Power-Consuming LCD TV (Prototype), Solar-Powered LED Street Light, and Solar Powered LCD TV (Prototype)

<Mobile Phone and Electronic Dictionary Corner>

Hands-on demonstrations gave visitors the experience of trying out unique handsets such as the touch-panel phone, AQUOS phones, and the ultra-mobile PC.

<Sharp-Pioneer Collaboration Corner>

The combination of the state-of-the-art image and audio expertise of these two companies is giving birth to a new world of audio and video products. Sharp showed how a seamless integration of its AQUOS LCD TVs and mobile phones with Pioneer Corporation's car navigation systems will make these technologies ubiquitous parts of convenient and comfortable lifestyles in the future.

Through the demonstrations, Sharp shows ubiquitous lifestyle jointly developed by Sharp and Pioneer

The AQUOS X Series equipped with a thin speaker system jointly developed by Sharp and Pioneer

Sharp booth crowded with visifors

Sharp booth

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