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Technical Journal No.1 (December 1997)
Special Papers
Development of HR-TFT(High Reflective-TFT)

Kozo NakamuraHisakazu NakamuraNaofumi Kimura

HR-TFT has been developed which consists of super high aperture ratio (Super HA), micro reflective structure (MRS) and RGB micro color filters optimized for reflective color LCD. Two types of HR-TFT have been fabricated. One is guest host (GH) type with high brightness, the other is high contrast reflection (HCR) type with high chroma. The HR-TFT has excellent chracteristics, extremely low power consumption, and is very thin and light in weight because of non back light system. The HR-TFT is one of the most promising displays for mobile computer, still camera, video movie and so on.

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