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Technical Journal No.1 (December 1997)
Special Papers
Development of Simple-Matrix LCD Module for Motion Picture

Kunihiko YamamotoShinya TakahashiKouki Taniguchi

A simple-matrix LCD module (12.1-in. SVGA) has been developed so as to ensure low cost and high fidelity reproduction of motion picture information. The points of the development are as follows:
(1) By applying a new drive system "High Contrast-Addressing (HC-Addressing)", which uses a new multiple line selection technique capable of efficient memory access and a new algorithm for multiple gray shades without flicker, and a new high performance liquid crystal panel system, fast response 150 ms (half of conventional models), high contrast 40 : 1 (twice as conventional models), 256 k colors, and flicker-free images have been achieved.
(2) By suppressing image pattern dependence of the frequency of driving waveform and applying compensation voltage for the distortion of the waveform, crosstalk problems have been solved.

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