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Technical Journal No.2 (August 1999)

Edward Peter Raynes

There has been spectacular progress in the technology of displays based on liquid crystals since these strange materials, regarded at the time as of only academic interest, were first suggested as the basis of flat screen display devices. Liquid Crystal Displays vary in sophistication from humble black and white wristwatch and calculator displays through to the exceptionally high quality colour displays used in applications such as notebook PCs and flat screen televisions. It is hard to disagree with the statement that LCDs are now an integral part of the everyday life of most people. The progress made by the LCD industry has been the result of inventions and developments by many researchers spanning several scientific disciplines. One can point to the crucial role played by new materials, novel device structures, device improvements, new driving technology and, not least, new production techniques, all underpinned by progress in understanding the fundamental physics and chemistry of liquid crystal materials.

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