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Technical Journal No.2 (August 1999)
Special Papers
Technology-Development Trend of Liquid Crystal Display

Haruhisa Takiguchi

This review article deals with the current and future trend of the technology-development of the liquid crystal display (LCD). To improve the image quality of LCDs, the faster response-time liquid crystal and the higher resolution LCD have been in progress in addition to the enhancement of the viewing angle or the luminance. The reflection type LCD is advancing by improving the reflectivity and the contrast for mobile devices with ultra-low power consumption. LCDs using a plastics substrate or LC on a silicon based LSI substrate (LCOS) is also promising. The research on new liqiud crystal modes is being done well. The new device concepts such as a "Digital Cinema" hare under development as well as the multimedia displays for personal use. The technological development for self-emissive displays, such as an organic EL or a field emission display (FED) have recently been reinforced besides the rapid progress of the LCD technology. We also review the trend of these display technologies in comparison with LCDs.

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