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About SHARP Technology
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Sharp's Advanced LCDs provide excellent legibility to an array of mobile products in both bright outdoor conditions and dim indoor settings. Our Advanced Super V LCDs achieve a wide viewing angle by aligning the liquid crystal molecules in a uniform manner. They are used in AQUOS LCD TVs. Super Mobile LCDs are a new type of display that combine the advantages of Advanced LCDs and Advanced Super V LCDs.
They bring a previously unattainable degree of picture quality to mobile products, allowing them to display high-quality video and photo-quality still images. The potential of mobile products has reached a new level.

Super Mobile LCD
Clear, Wide Viewing Angles from Any Direction

The viewing angle is very wide—160° from the top, bottom, left, and right—and there is minimal color shift when changing the angle. Since there is no problem with gray scale inversion you get a clear picture no matter what direction from which you look at the screen.

Clear, Wide Viewing Angles from Any Direction
Excellent Legibility both Indoors and Outdoors

The display consists of portions that are highly transmissive under low-light conditions and portions that are reflective in brightly lit environments. By changing the proportions of those sections it is possible to obtain optimal display visibility under any conditions.

Clear Images and High Contrast

The contrast ratio is 300:1, a level previously unattainable in displays for mobile products.

Display Styles and Photography Styles
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