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About SHARP Technology
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Super Mobile HR TFT LCDs provide brilliant, vivid images outdoors where it is bright, but their visibility is poor indoors, where ambient light levels are lower. Sharp solves this problem by developing a multi-location display, the Advanced TFT LCD. It combines the performance of an HR TFT LCD in brightly lit locations with the functionality of a backlit transmissive LCD in dimmer environments. The Advanced TFT LCD has been further refined to produce the High Transmission Advanced TFT LCD and the High Reflection Advanced TFT LCD. This enables users to choose the best possible panel for their particular application.

Positioning of High Transmssion Advanced TFT LCD and High Reflection Advanced TFT LCD
Excellent Visibility and Image Quality under Outdoor Light (High Transmission Advanced TFT LCD)

The transmissive part of the display panel is left as is and only the area that is not used for transmissive display is made reflective. Thus, though the display panel is transflective, it provides high transmittance and excellent image quality on a par with conventional transmissive TFT-LCDs. At the same time, the panel provides good visibility under bright light, such as that outdoors. The High Transmission Advanced TFT-LCD is suitable for applications where indoor use is of primary importance but outdoor use is occasionally necessary.

Excellent visibility and image quality under outdoor light (High Transmission Advanced TFT LCD)
Reflectivity Rivaling Reflective TFT LCDs for Excellent Visibility and Low Power Consumption (High Reflection Advanced TFT LCD)

The rate of external light used to illuminate the display is increased by boosting the ratio of reflective display space and using reflective electrodes in parts other than the transmissive display area. This produces reflectivity nearly equal to that of a conventional reflective TFT LCD. It is thus possible to reduce the amount of time the backlight needs to be used and even retain excellent visibility with the backlight turned off. The High Reflection Advanced TFT LCD is suitable for applications where outdoor use is emphasized and low power consumption is necessary.

Reflectivity rivaling reflective TFT LCDs for excellent visibility and low power consumption (High Reflection Advanced TFT LCD)
Structures of the Transmissive LCD, the Super Mobile LCD, and the Advanced TFT LCD
Structures of the Transmissive LCD, the Super Mobile LCD, and the Advanced TFT LCD
Structures of the Transmissive LCD, the Super Mobile LCD, and the Advanced TFT LCD
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