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About SHARP Technology
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Switchable Viewing-angle LCD
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Use is increasing of mobile devices, such as mobile phones, notebook PCs and PDAs, to view personal information, so there is a growing need to protect the information and maintain confidentiality. The switchable viewing-angle LCD gives the user the ability to switch between normal wide-angle display and narrow-angle display that guards against unwanted viewing from the side. This new LCD technology provides protection that can be turned on and off according to the situation and will help boost future demand for mobile devices.

A Peek-proof LCD Screen Displaying Images that are Virtually Unviewable from the Side

Normally, the switchable viewing-angle LCD screen has the same wide viewing angle as ordinary LCD panels.
But a flick of a switch converts it to a narrow viewing angle that prevents unwanted viewing from either side.

Switchable Viewing-angle LCDs
How the Switchable Viewing-angle LCD Works
—Sharp's switching liquid crystal is used to control light from the backlight.—
How the Switchable Viewing-angle LCD Works
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