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Mobile Phone System Solution: Example Case 1-2

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Covering a wide range of product lineups. Offering timely proposals and development that allow you to grab business opportunities.

Leading the Way to Further Possibilities for Mobile phones

Sharp took part in the development of theIrSimple (TM) standard. The devices that are compatible with this standard achieve a 10-fold speed increase over conventional IrDA devices. Sharp is highly regarded for its IrSimple (TM) certification of the Aquos mobile phone and its “Device + Software”-policy solution proposal that includes the development of front-end components, receiving dongle modules, controller LSIs, and the software development support for IrSimple devices.
We have also met with applause for our “Tuner + Decoder: 1-segment Tuner + H.264 Decoder”-policy proposal, which was developed to meet demands for reduced thickness and longer playback times.
Our strong points are not only the functionality of our components but also our wide range of product lineups, including peripheral devices, and our acclaimed support system. Using these as well as all of the other methods at our disposal, we can address a wide spectrum of client demands and propose comprehensive system solutions for mobile phones.
*IrSimple (TM) is a trademark or registered trademark of the Infrared Data Association®.

IrSimple (TM) solution proposal
System Solutions top – 1 – 2

Example Cases

Case 1 Offering timely proposals and development systems that allow you to grab business opportunities
Case 2   Sharing a vision with you; offering support from the planning stage
Case 3   Contributing to the introduction of one-of-a-kind products to the market, helping to put you ahead of your competitors
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