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Non-Contact Vital Sensing Solutions (Reference Exhibit)




Collectively measures pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and body surface temperature via non-contact method

Noncontact vital sensing solution

Measurement pattern

Measurement pattern (from side)

Interface screen (results display)

Camera and infrared sensor section

Non-Contact Vital Sensing Solutions


This technology paves the way to measure multiple vital signs collectively and via a non-contact approach. Through a camera, pulse waves detect minute changes in facial color otherwise invisible to the human eye, pulse rate and blood pressure are measured, the respiration rate is measured based on subtle movements of the chest, and the body surface temperature is measured by an infrared sensor.
Unlike ordinary thermometers and blood pressure monitors that require bodily contact, this device need not be worn before measurement. Measure crucial information with peace of mind, having eliminated the various risks that may arise from contact with people.
The near future will see us roll out health support businesses such as a health support service that compiles the results of measurements taken at home and work respectively and detects anomalies, a watchful eye service to monitor the elderly with a built-in camera in the TV, a support service for changing work styles that detects changes in the user's physical condition in conjunction with a built-in camera in the PC, and a solution for measuring vital signs of numerous people traversing the entrance to an event venue.


Measure the vital signs under 10 seconds
The ability to measure without contact reduces the various risks that human contact entails
Measurement of vital signs (pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and body surface temperature), which are key to manage the physical condition
Measurement system for multiple body vitals
Principle of non-contact blood pressure monitor technology
Pulse rate measurement technology
Pulse rate measurement using camera
Interface screen


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