AIoTPeople-Oriented IoT

AI(Artificial intelligence) + IoT (Internet of things) = People-Oriented IoT Artificial Intelligence of Things

Sharp came up with the word AIoT to represent the combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT* (Internet of things).

Every day in their homes, people use a variety of home appliances and IT devices.
At Sharp, we’re making these appliances and devices people-oriented and user-friendly by connecting them to the cloud and giving them AI capabilities.
AI can learn people’s routines and preferences and thus provide them with appropriate services and suggest ways to use products. Appliances and devices are thus optimized to the needs of each individual.
By having devices “converse” with their owners in a way that serves them and empathizes with them, an emotional bond is created between product and user.

Products become more than just convenient tools; they become things that care about their owners.
Through AIoT, Sharp aims to build a people-oriented world of products and services.

IoT (Internet of things): By connecting conventionally un-networked products (such as cars, buildings, and clocks) to the Internet, it will become possible for these items to communicate with each other and for people to use operation devices to control them and to link and exchange information between them.
Under Japan’s Act on Facilitation of Implementation of Project for Development of Specified Communication and Broadcasting, IoT is defined as the realization of a society in which a large number of various things are connected to the Internet and smoothly transmit large amounts of information with each other, thus forming the foundation of people’s lives and economic activity.

At Sharp, we strive to achieve what we call “the Smart Life” in three ways: by making devices AIoT ready, by expanding AIoT services, and by providing AIoT platforms.

Make devices AIoT ready × Expand AIoT services × Provide AIoT platforms = Connecting people, society, and technology through thoughts and emotions


A people-oriented, lifestyle partner

Using state-of-the-art technology, Sharp is making electronics products an indispensable part of people’s lives. Products make people’s lives richer through attention to their needs and desires. Through technology, we’re changing the way people will think and live in future.

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Supporting corporate customers’ services through AIoT technologies accumulated in the field of home appliances

Cloud-based systems that we have developed for consumer products and services are provided as platforms for our corporate customers.

AI-capable IoT devices learn about their owners,
thus realizing a Smart Life in which optimized services put people front and center.

Through the coming together of people, things, the cloud, and AI, devices become more than just objects—they become lifestyle partners with knowledge and feelings.
That is how Sharp is realizing the Smart Life, in which people are front and center—every day of their lives.