Case Study

West Japan Marketing Communications Inc.

Installation of 12 units 8k-compatible multi-screen displays at JR Hakata Station
Enhanced media value through synergistic effects with e-Signage S ad delivery



Purpose of Implementation

Enhanced image, Improved service, Increased sales

Implemented product
Information display

PN-V605H (60-inch) × 12 units
Content delivery software: e-Signage S Pro

A PN-V601 12-panel multi-screen display that was installed at JR Hakata Station’s Chikushi Gate in October 2016 was replaced with a PN-V605H multi-screen display in June 2022. The new display shows advertisements and West JR-provided information.

West Japan Marketing Communications Inc.

Headquarters = Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
A member of the JR West Group, West Japan Marketing Communications handles all aspects of advertising and promotional activities utilizing the Group’s assets for stations, rolling stock, department stores, station buildings, shopping centers, stores, hotels, and more.
JR Hakata Station (the property presented here)/Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

The Sharp 12-panel multi-screen display installed at JR Hakata Station’s Chikushi Gate has long attracted station users’ attention with video advertisements and West JR-provided information. As the equipment was due for replacement, we wanted to use the opportunity to further enhance the display’s value as an advertising medium by increasing its image resolution.

  • The multi-screen configuration of 4K panels can display 8K images, increasing the display’s value as an advertising medium.
  • The joining spaces between the panels are smaller, eliminating visibility problems even when text overlaps panels and reducing restrictions on video production.
  • We are satisfied with e-Signage S’s ability to easily update and deliver content and to provide stable ad delivery.
Background of Implementation
Replacing a 12-panel multi-screen display.
Aspiring to strengthen images’ impact and increase media value.

Hakata Station Chikushi Gate Vision is installed at Chikushi Gate, near the Shinkansen platforms of JR Hakata Station, Kyushu’s largest railway terminal. It has long attracted station users’ attention by displaying advertisements and other information with utilizing twelve Sharp 60-inch displays as the large signage. Six years after its installation, it became time to replace the display. So we decided to take this opportunity to raise its resolution from full high-definition and thereby increase the impact of its images and enhance its value as an advertising medium.

Tetsuro Maeda
West Japan Marketing
Communications Inc.
Kyushu Branch Office
Chief of Media Team

Reasons for Selection
Topicality increases with 8K capability.
The user-friendliness of e-Signage S is also important.

Sharp suggested replacing the display with an 8K system, consisting of the 4K multi-display PN-V605H. With more and more stations using 4K-compatible signage, we appreciated the Sharp system’s ability to display even higher definition 8K images and generate higher topicality. Another deciding factor was it used e-Signage S software to deliver and display content. Like e-Signage, which we are already familiar with, e-Signage S makes it easy to replace content and maintains stability in ad delivery, where mistakes are not tolerated.

Located near the central Shinkansen ticket gate, the display attracts a great deal of attention from station users.

Effect after implementation
8K video compatibility is highly appreciated by clients.
Highly image-oriented ads are coming in, and the number of ad placements is increasing.

The enhanced display resolution makes it possible to show high-definition images of such clarity that even skin pores can be seen, creating a high-quality atmosphere within the station. The panel frames are much narrower than those of the previous model, eliminating concerns that ad text will get hung up where panels join together and be difficult to read. The ability to handle 8K images is highly appreciated by our advertising clients and has become a powerful “weapon” for us in ad sales. Following the replacement, an online game manufacturer that is a stickler for image quality decided to show new advertisements on the display. Ad revenue is increasing as a result.

Advertising content is easily replaceable with e-Signage S.

Future prospects
Showcasing a wide range of 4K and 8K advertisements as a pioneer in 8K-compatible advertising media.

Since the replacement, we have seen more station users notice the advertising images and stop to take pictures of them with their smartphones. Most advertising images shown now are in full high definition. However, as 4K and 8K advertising becomes more commonplace, we anticipate that Hakata Station Chikushi Gate Vision will showcase many of them as a pioneer in 8K media.

Narrower spaces between panels create a more natural image display.

Issued December 2022