1-Bit Digital Audio : Benefits of 1-Bit
Benefits of 1-Bit

High-Resolution Sound Reproduction

A CD's PCM multi-bit technology records and reproduces sound frequencies up to 20kHz, the audible limit for humans. But we can actually perceive sounds above 20kHz, and some sounds even reach frequencies of up to 100kHz. To record and reproduce the full range of natural sounds, then, a 1-bit amplifier samples the original analogue signal an incredible 2,822,400 times per second (2.8224MHz) — 64 times faster than PCM (44.1kHz). 1-bit thus achieves far superior sound reproduction and transient characteristics. And, with our latest generation 5.6448MHz 1-bit amplifiers, the bar has been raised higher still.

Time Resolution Ability and Transient Characteristics


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