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Unique Features

Reversible Keybord Demonstration Flash
The Reversible Keyboard gives you a 2-in-1 Graphing Calculator. Keys for basic functions are on one side, while keys for advanced functions are on the other. Functions appearing on the menu display differ depending on which side of the keyboard is being used. The Reversible Keyboard saves you from having to get two separate models for different levels.
Basic Keyboard Side
for use at junior high school level
Examples of Functions
• Fraction Study
Includes a function for simplifying fractions. Finds common divisor either automatically or manually, leading to more effective learning.
Fraction Study img
• Pie Chart
Using a pie chart makes it easy to compare each part to the whole. The data can be displayed either as raw numbers or as percentages of the whole.
Pie Chart img
• Remainder Calculation
Using the [int÷] key allows the user to calculate quotients and remainders easily.
Remainder Calculation img
Advanced Keyboard Side
for use at high school level (includes all the functions of the Basic Keyboard)
Examples of Functions
• Scientific Graphing
Graphs can be drawn in one of 4 modes: by rectangular coordinates, by polar coordinates, by parameters, or by sequences. The Split Screen makes it easy to analyse the relationship between a graph and a table.
Scientific Graphing img
• Statistics/Regression
Data can be easily input and revised in tabular form. You can also draw a variety of graphs, such as statistical graphs (9 types) and regression graphs (14 types), which are useful for analysing data.
Statistics/Regression img
Statistical graphs
Broken line plot
Normal probability plot
Normal distribution plot
Box plot/Modified box plot
Pie chart
Scatter diagram
XY line
Regression graphs
Linear regression (ax+b & a+bx)
Quadratic/Cubic/Quartic regression
Natural/Common logarithm regression
Exponential regression/Euler exponential regression
Reciprocal regression
Power regression
Med-Med regression
Logistic regression
Sine regression