Finally, let's ask the product development team members about their next targets.

Takesue (product planning)


I'd like to go beyond MFPs to a new dimension of product. By thinking outside the box, I can envision something that at first glance looks totally unrelated to MFPs—but then apply it to MFPs.

Namisaki (copy fusing technology)


Fusing really motivates me because it's the key to energy efficiency. I want to achieve further energy efficiency by developing a fusing system that uses heat sources other than conventional halogen lamps.

Wada (toner development)


People often ask me if there's not some way to apply toner technology to another field. However, this can't be done without a thorough knowledge of toner technology, so I first want to gain more confidence as a toner specialist.

Okuda (toner cartridge development)


The toner cartridge is something that's handled directly by the customer, so I'm intent on making it easy to use. I want to create a toner cartridge that anyone can use stress-free.

Kanemitsu (noise-reduction technology)


I think that the evolution of copiers to MFPs has opened up infinite possibilities. I hope that one day people will say, "Just one MFP in the office makes anything possible."

Yamaneki (software development)


MFPs today are so quiet and small that they can be installed unobtrusively in the middle of the office or in multiple places in the office. Like PCs, MFPs have large screens and network functions, so I want to use these features to achieve further product advances.

Kawakami (motion sensor control circuits)


The next challenge is zero energy consumption in standby mode. My dream is to make an MFP that is completely shut down in standby mode but that wakes up completely in one second when turned on. This is my ultimate goal.

Thank you for talking with us today.

Editor's Note

Sharp's new environmentally friendly MFPs sense the user and offer environmental performance and ease of use.
Will MFPs evolve further in the near future? That's certainly the feeling I got doing this interview.
I think we can expect great things from Sharp's tight-knit MFP development team.
See the following link for information on the new Sharp MFPs.

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