Road to Sustainability

Year Activities
  • Launches Sustainability Committee, chaired by the president and CEO, to strengthen the Sharp Group’s sustainability and ESG efforts
  • Launches Company-wide Quality Committee as a way to advance quality technologies by ensuring quality in fields such as new business and deciding policies for dealing with quality-related issues
  • Executes “Management Emphasizing on ESG” under the new CEO
    (1) Further Strengthen Healthcare Related Business
    (2) Contribute to Carbon Neutral
    (3) HITO-based Management
    (4) True Global Company
  • Announces new direction of business management
    (“Realization of Our Business Vision”, “Establishing SHARP, a Powerful Corporate Brand”)
  • Launches production and sales of face masks in response to Covid-19
  • Launches efforts to contribute to the SDGs through business and technological innovation and by reducing the social and environmental toll of business activities
  • Formulates “SHARP Eco Vision 2050”, a new long-term environmental vision for 2050
  • Announces Fiscal 2017–2019 Medium-Term Management Plan
  • Formulates new business vision "Changing the World with 8K and AIoT"
  • Establishes Quality and Environmental Technologies Committee to assure quality in new technology areas and share information related to quality and environmental issues arising in new products
  • Revises Basic Policy for Internal Control
  • Launches SHARP Global SER Committee for strengthening Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Formulates Sharp's new corporate motto "Be Original."
  • Revises Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Sharp Code of Conduct
  • Formulates action-reform declaration stipulating specific actions in line with Sharp's business philosophy and business creed
  • Develops and puts into practical use plastic recycling technology for used flat-panel TVs
  • Formulates Sharp Group Business Continuity Plan Guidelines, which include BCP basic policy of Sharp Group
  • Establishes "Increase Green Shared Value" as a new environmental policy
  • Appoints Sharp's first female director
  • Integrates the CSR/BRM Committee and Compliance Committee to launch the CSR/Compliance Committee
  • Sharp China provides environmental education to a total of 10,000 elementary school children in China
  • Holds 'My Sharp Our Future' cause-related marketing campaign for the ASEAN, Oceania, and Middle East regions
  • Provides environmental education to 180,000 elementary school children in Japan at a total of 3,000 schools
  • Sharp Tokusen Industry begins career education support programs for special-needs schools in Japan
  • Establishes the Global Basic Policy on Information Security
  • Appoints Sharp's first female executive officer
  • Education support activities, such as environmental classes for elementary school children, given to a total of 150,000 children in Japan
  • Revises safety and health basic policy into the global Sharp Group Basic Policies on Safety and Health
  • Begins biodiversity protection activities in Ramsar Convention wetlands in Japan
  • Appoints Sharp's first non-Japanese executive officer
  • Education support activities for children given at a total of 3,000 schools worldwide
  • Expresses support for the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative
  • Achieves fiscal 2012 goal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (under its corporate vision of becoming an Eco-Positive Company) one year ahead of schedule
  • Revises Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Sharp Code of Conduct
  • Establishes "Eco-Positive Company" as Sharp's corporate vision
  • Begins an educational program that combines factory tours and environmental/craftsmanship lessons
  • Expresses support for the Women's Empowerment Principles, created by UNIFEM (now UN Women) and the UN Global Compact
  • Creates 12th Sharp Forest in Japan
  • Completes acquisition of OHSAS 18001 certification at main production sites in Japan
  • Sharp and 10 other companies of GREEN FRONT SAKAI acquire ISO 14001 certification
  • Constructs the Global Green Supply Chain, a new scheme for managing substances
  • Constructs an environmental safety operations audit system
  • Establishes the Compliance Promotion Team within the Legal Affairs Division of the CSR Promotion Group
  • Sharp's test site certified to carry out testing needed to apply for the Blue Angel Mark, a German environmental label
  • Achieves its fiscal 2010 environmental vision two years earlier than planned and sets forth a new environmental vision of "Becoming an Eco-Positive Company"
  • Appoints an outside director
  • Joins the United Nations Global Compact
  • Environmental education given to a total of 100,000 children in Japan
  • Begins outdoor environmental education program in Japan
  • Distributes Sharp Group Compliance Guidebook for all employees in Japan
  • Begins environmental education at special-needs schools for the hearing impaired in Japan
  • Joins WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Japan
  • Total volume of plastic recycled and used by closed-loop material recycling reaches 5,050 tons
  • Begins Eco Best Practice Forums
  • Reorganizes the CSR Promotion Department and the Legal Affairs Division to establish the CSR Promotion Group
  • Begins the new SGF Ⅱ environmental policy at its plants
  • Introduces the executive officer system
  • Begins environmental education for elementary schools overseas
  • AQUOS R Series LCD TVs become the first consumer electronics products to bear the GE (Green Energy) Mark
  • Establishes the Compliance Committee
  • Establishes the Social Contribution Promotion Department under the CSR Promotion Group
  • Sharp Corporation acquires the Privacy Mark
  • Establishes the positions of Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Compliance Officer (CO) to strengthen the compliance promotion system company-wide
  • Environmental education program given to a total of 1,000 schools in Japan
  • Begins craftsmanship education program for elementary schools
  • Reorganizes the Corporate Equal Partnership Project Team into the Diversity Development Team
  • Builds a flat-panel TV recycling line at Plant No. 2 of Kansai Recycling Systems
  • Begins purification of reservoir water, a new environmental social contribution activity
  • Publishes the Sharp Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook
  • Establishes the Sharp Voluntary Product Safety Action Policy
  • Introduces the Green Office certification system
  • Begins environmental education for elementary schools in cooperation with the Weathercaster Network NPO
  • Kansai Recycling Systems begins operation of a second plant
  • Introduces an Integrated Management System for the first time in the industry
  • Establishes the Internal Control Committee
  • Develops practical plant-based paint and adopts them for use in AQUOS LCD TVs
  • Begins certification of Super Green Devices
  • Certifies SMF in France as the first Super Green Factory outside of Japan
  • Establishes the Committee for Compliance with the Energy Conservation Law as a Shipper
  • Revises the Sharp Charter of Conduct into the Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Sharp Code of Conduct
  • Revises the Basic Purchasing Principles
  • Expands coverage of the social dimention of Sharp's CSR activities in the Environmental Report and changes its title to "Environmental and Social Report"
  • Formulates the corporate vision of "Sharps' energy-creating and energy-saving products will more than balance out Sharp's greenhouse gas emissions"
  • Establishes the mid-term objective of becoming an "environmentally advanced company"
  • Begins certification of Super Green Products
  • Begins certification of Green Devices
  • Begins creation of Sharp Forests in Japan
  • Establishes the Information Security Promotion Department and Personal Information Protection Promotion Department
  • Revises the Basic Purchasing Principles from the viewpoint of CSR
  • Establishes the Corporate Equal Partnership Project Team
  • Puts closed-loop plastic material recycling technology to practical use
  • Establishes the Sharp Green Club
  • Starts Super Green Strategy
  • Certifies the Kameyama Plant as Sharp's first Super Green Factory
  • Revises the Sharp Business Standards and Action Guidelines into the Sharp Charter of Conduct
  • Begins renewed R-CATS small-group activities
  • Establishes the CSR Promotion Department
  • Reorganizes the BRM Committee into the CSR/BRM Committee
  • Achieves zero discharge to landfill at all Japanese production sites
  • Establishes the Environmental Compliance Committee
  • Launches Green Engineering training
  • Starts Super Green Initiatives
  • Acquires ISO 14001 certification at major bases of all sales and service companies in Japan
  • Establishes the BRM (Business Risk Management) Committee
  • All Japanese sites introduce the Green Procurement System
  • Introduces environmental accounting system
  • Launches environmental solutions business
  • Establishes company-wide chemical substance management committee
  • Environmental Report published
  • Kansai Recycling Systems Co., Ltd. established
  • Trial introduction of the environmental accounting system
  • Issues Green Factory Guidelines
  • Begins the environmental 3G-1R strategy
  • Green Products Guidelines published
  • Sharp Green Seal system introduced
  • Green Mind Campaign started
  • Institutes the Sharp Business Standards and Action Guidelines
  • Establishes the Investor Relations Office
  • Holds the Global Environmental Conference
  • Establishes the Environmental Protection Group
  • Achieves the Waste Reduction Voluntary Plan goal
  • Starts an all-company effort to create Green Products
  • Revises the Product Assessment Guidelines
  • Phases out ozone-depleting chemicals in the cleansing process of all operations
  • Phases out vinyl chloride in all packaging
  • Establishes the C-PA (Chemical Product Assessment) system
  • Holds the First Environmental Strategy Conference
  • Announces the Voluntary Plan on the Environment
  • Begins registration of persons in charge of environmental management at overseas bases
  • Enacts the Sharp Environmental Charter and Basic Environmental Conservation Guidelines
  • Appoints a Corporate Director for Environmental Management
  • Establishes the Environmental Activities Promotion Department
  • Establishes the Legal Affairs Division
  • Establishes the CFC Regulation Countermeasure Committee
  • Establishes the First Synthetic Energy Committee
  • Formulates the Business Philosophy and Business Creed
  • Establishes 10 Consumer Information Centers around Japan
  • Establishes the Environmental Technology Center