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World Topics

Sharp Environmental Forum in Chengdu

Sharp Hosts 7th Environmental Forum in China

A scene from the forum

In response to the growing momentum of environmental efforts in China, Sharp is holding a series of environmental forums for Chinese government officials and media executives. The seventh Sharp Environmental Forum was held in Chengdu on February 19, 2009 following earlier ones in Shanghai (May 2007), Beijing (September 2007), Guangzhou (March 2008), Tianjin (May 2008), Wuhan (September 2008), and Xian (December 2008)). The seventh event drew 37 representatives from the Chengdu municipal government and media organizations.

Sharp Corporation's Nobuyuki Sugano, Executive Managing Officer and CEO China (in charge of all Sharp operations in China), opened the forum by presenting an outline of Sharp and its environmental policies. He explained Sharp's efforts to become an environmentally advanced company, as exemplified by the new LCD and solar cell manufacturing complex being constructed in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Hiroshi Morimoto, Executive Officer and Group General Manager, Environmental Protection Group, followed up with explanatory panels that illustrated Sharp's company-wide environmental efforts.

After that, Deputy Mayor Lu Jiansheng of Chengdu, representing the Chinese participants, introduced the city's environmental policies and offered Sharp some advice as well.

The high level of interest in environmental issues was abundantly clear as the forum came to a close with a flurry of enthusiastic questions from participants about Sharp's environmental efforts and policies.

Executive Managing Officer Nobuyuki Sugano

Executive Officer Hiroshi Morimoto

Deputy Mayor Lu Jiansheng

Left: Executive Managing Officer Nobuyuki Sugano, right: Mayor Ge Honglin of Chengdu

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