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World Topics

Sales of Plasmacluster Ion Products Reach 20 Million Units Worldwide

On January 16, 2009, Sharp Corporation held a press conference in Osaka to announce that sales of products incorporating Plasmacluster Ion technology have hit 20 million units worldwide.

This plateau was reached as of the end of December 2008, and includes products made by Sharp and other companies sold around the world. Plasmacluster Ion, Sharp's revolutionary air-purification technology that eliminates harmful airborne substances such as viruses and mold fungus, was first available in Sharp air purifiers that went on sale in September 2000.

Plasmacluster Ion technology has recently been installed in a new fleet of E3-2000 series trains for the Yamagata Shinkansen Tsubasa service of the East Japan Railway Company. This is the first time that Plasmacluster Ion technology has been adopted for used in railcars anywhere in the world.

A scene from the press conference

Kozo Takahashi, Group General Manager, Health and Environment Systems Group

The high-concentration Plasmacluster Ion generator is the culmination of Sharp's air purification technology

Explanation of Plasmacluster Ion Technology

The IG-A100 Plasmacluster Ion generator

A Worldwide Reputation for Effectiveness Propels Plasmacluster Ion Products to 20 Million

Plasmacluster Ion technology is at work in Sharp products all around: in air conditioners and air purifiers in the living room, in refrigerators in the kitchen, and even in energy-efficient, long-life LED lighting.

Lineup of products incorporating Plasmacluster Ion technology

Lineup of products incorporating Plasmacluster Ion technology

Sharp Puts Plasmacluster Ion Technology in Other Companies' Products

Plasmacluster Ion technology is also available in other companies' products, such as car air conditioners and toilets with bidet seats, to name just a few.

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