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Sharp History

1995 : New Company Buildings Constructed

Joint Venture Company for Manufacture and Sale of LCDs Established in China

In April, construction began on the plant of Wuxi Sharp Electronic Components Co., Ltd. (WSEC), a joint venture company established in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China for the manufacture and sale of STN LCDs. At the beginning of the following year, the plant began manufacturing mid- and large-format LCD panels for word processors and PCs.

Multimedia Research Lab Established in the US

In May, Sharp announced the establishment of Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc. (SLA) in Camas, Washington.

This gave Sharp a global tripolar research network linking Japan, the US, and the UK. SLA was established so that America's superb researchers could use rapidly advancing multimedia technology to create original products for Sharp.

New Digital Communication Network Links Domestic Bases

In May, Sharp completed an advanced digital communication network linking 144 domestic bases. This multimedia information network would allow Sharp to respond more quickly to sales and marketing needs and to exchange information and creative ideas among employees nationwide.

The company also completed a global network (integrated communication network linking worldwide bases via dedicated digital lines), an ongoing effort since 1989, allowing Sharp bases worldwide to seamlessly exchange information.

New Center Building Constructed to Commemorate 25 Years at Tenri

The Advanced Development and Planning Center in Tenri was first built in 1970 and for 25 years it had been a central base for research and development, IC and LCD manufacture, and employee training. Sharp began construction of the New Center Building, which would boost Sharp's Tenri base by adding a wing for manufacturing technology R&D and an employee sports center.

In June, Sharp completed an employee welfare wing (called the Clubhouse), which houses a large cafeteria and halls for large gatherings.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Base Established in Indonesia

In August, in the state of Karawan, east of the capital of Jakarta, Sharp held a groundbreaking ceremony for P.T. Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia (SSI), a company for the manufacture of semiconductors such as ICs and optodevices. The company began operation in October the following year. This was Sharp's third base in Indonesia, following P.T. Sharp Yasonta Indonesia (SYI) (manufacture of color TVs and refrigerators) and P.T. Sharp Yasonta Antarnusa (SYA) (sales company) in 1994.

Debut of the "Window" LCD TV

In September, Sharp introduced two models of LCD TV, a new genre in consumer TVs. The 10.4-inch model (LC-104TV1; retail price: 150,000 yen) was considered a large screen at the time and enjoyed brisk demand. This marked the true start of the era of LCD TVs. (The 8.4-inch model, the LC-84TV1, sold for 110,000 yen.)

Develops Technology for 28-inch LCD, the World's Largest

In October, Sharp created a buzz with the announcement of a 28-inch LCD using next-generation LCD technology.

The announcement boosted demand enthusiasm for LCDs for computers and large-screen wall-mount TVs in a new age of multimedia.

Debut of the Mebius, the New Star of the Notebook PC Market

Also in October, Sharp introduced the Mebius notebook PC, a culmination of our expertise in several technologies: LCD, high-density and downsizing technologies fostered in PDAs and word processors, and our user-friendly interfaces. The Mebius was an instant hit that gave Sharp a big jump in market share.

SUKM Acquires BS7750 Standard

In November, SUKM, Sharp's manufacturing base in the UK, became the first Japanese company to achieve compliance with BS7750, the environmental management system standard of the BSI (British Standards Institute). SUKM was approved because its products exert minimal impact on the environment, from the design stage right through the life cycle to final disposal.

Establishes AV Product Design and Development Company in Malaysia

In December, on the outskirts of the capital of Kuala Lumpur, Sharp announced the establishment of Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (SEM), a company that designs and develops AV products for Asia and that procures and supplies parts for Sharp's worldwide manufacturing bases and service centers.

SEM is a central base for product development in Asia as Sharp continues to build comprehensive business entities around the world that can meet regional needs by doing everything from R&D to manufacture, sales and service.

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