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Technical Journal No.1 (December 1997)
Special Papers
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display

Mitsuhiro KodenSyuhji MiyoshiMitsuhiro ShigetaKeisaku Nonomura
Michiyuki SuginoTakaji NumaoHirofumi KatsuseAkira Tagawa
Yasuhiro KawabataP. A. GassM. J. TowlerE. P. RaynesJ. C. Jones
C. V. BrownJ. R. HughesA. GrahamM. J. BradshawD. G. McDonnell

Key technologies for the -Vmin mode FLCDs (Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays) were developed. An FLC material with negative dielectric anisotropy was developed, realizing fast line address time of 23µsec/line at 25°C. The C2-uniform (C2U) orientation with chevron layer structure was achieved by using an aligning film with medium pretilt angle. High shock stability (20kg/cm2) was achieved by making a spacer wall structure within display. Combining these key technologies with digital gray scale method (2 bits spatial dither and 3 bits temporal dither), a 6"-prototype color FLCD with 240x320 dots, 262,000 colors (64 gray levels for each color) was fabricated.

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