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September 1, 2008

Sharp Develops Six 21st Century Health and Environmental Products

Contributing to the World Through One-of-a-Kind Health and Environmental Technologies, Including Plasmacluster Ion®*1, Superheated Steam and LED Lighting Technologies

Sharp Corporation will introduce six new 21st century health and environmental products, including Plasmacluster Ion generators, humidifying air purifiers, refrigerators, and front-loading washer and dryers equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology, a unique, one-of-a-kind health and environmental technology; Superheated Steam Oven models equipped with superheated steam technology; and next-generation LED lightings with embedded Plasmacluster Ion technology offering both energy efficiency and health-conscious features.

In 1959, Sharp opened a dedicated home appliance plant in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. Since then, Sharp has consistently pursued convenience, user-friendliness, and speedy operation in creating its home appliance products. Today, however, when such products are in widespread use by consumers, the environment that surrounds the home appliance industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Environmental consciousness and the awareness of energy conservation in conjunction with global warming is rising, and the number of people interested in living healthy, comfortable lifestyles is increasing.

In this light, Sharp declares “contribute to the world through environment- and health-conscious business, focusing on energy-saving and energy-creating products” as one of its visions looking ahead to 2012, the 100th anniversary of its founding. Guided by this vision, Sharp has been working proactively to create health and environmental products that incorporate unique, one-of-a-kind features that differ from conventional home appliances.

The six products being introduced at this time feature three of Sharp's unique, one-of-a-kind health and environmental technologies. In the future, Sharp will be deploying these products as “21st century health and environmental products,” and will be working to develop new products not only for the home, but also for business/commercial uses such as in offices and factories, as well as for public institutions. By remaining open to all kinds of potential application areas and developing new products for businesses in a variety of different fields, Sharp is aiming to be the world's leading manufacturer in this new era of health and the environment.

Overview of Products Featuring Sharp's One-of-a-Kind Health and Environmental Technologies

1. Four products (Plasmacluster Ion generators, humidifying air purifiers, refrigerators, and front-loading washer and dryers) equipped with Plasmacluster® Ion technology that offers enhanced performance in inactivating and eliminating airborne viruses, as well as improved effectiveness in eliminating odors and in controlling adhering microorganisms.
2. Superheated Steam Ovens equipped with Sharp's Superheated Steam technology to contribute to healthy cooking to combat lifestyle-related diseases that are becoming a global problem.
3. Next generation LED lighting with both energy-saving features as well as health-oriented aspects thanks to embedded Plasmacluster Ion technology.

*1 Plasmacluster is a registered trademarks of Sharp Corporation.

The following information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subjected to change.

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